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Vacation Southern California
By Brian Benjamin Carter, MSci, LAc

I'm more than an acupuncturist - I'm a total enthusiast about how much there is to do in where I live, in Southern California! So, I wanted to overwhelm you with a lot of quality web links and reviews. Check them out below!

Are you ready to visit the southern half of the greatest vacation state in America?

Are you ready to vacation southern California?

Then read on... because I've put together a comprehensive resource for all kinds of trips, stays, and locations! If you've looked at other sites, you know how time-consuming it can be to filter through the bad results... so just bookmark this page, and use it as your starting point for the best resources to plan your vacation!

Other pages about California Vacations:

There's so much to do in southern California! In fact, there are links to 62 websites on this page to help you brainstorm and plan your vacation southern California... and almost all of those links have links to even more information!

But don't get overwhelmed... jump to what seems most interesting to you first, and keep coming back here for more info and links. Like I said, you may want to bookmark this page so you don't lose it.

Jump down to:

The Best Beaches for your vacation southern California:

A long page full of southern California beach pictures and information. Find out which beach they filmed parts of Jerry Maguire on, which one has a 9 story tall Ferris wheel, which one has an outdoor gym, and factor that into your vacation southern California plans!

Southern California Beaches Links
This site isn't perfect- there are some dead links, but it includes other area attractions, and does link to some good sites. It's divided into Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego, so that at least will help you as you nail down what areas you will be in for your vacation southern California.

The Surfrider SoCal Beach Report
Surfrider is an organization concerned with keeping the beaches safe and clean. This site, from surfrider, gives you up-to-date surf, water quality, and beach weather. You can check before going to a specific beach for water quality warnings and closures. That's pretty important - stay safe and well during your vacation southern California!

Gaia Guides Photo Guide to Southern California Beaches
Really all you're getting here is some photos and a list of vacation southern California beaches, but if you didn't see enough pictures on the sites above, check this one out.

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Total Destination Guides for your vacation southern California

California in general:

But let's get back to SoCal specifically...

Gaia Guides has a great vacation southern California guide, including 112 hotels, 129 restaurants, a beach photo guide, amusement parks, and they sell a CD-ROM with even more info on it.

Welcome to Southern California Magazine has loads of features, articles, and links.

Want to know something about Los Angeles? Find hotels, dining, tours, nightlife, tiki bars, dive bars, maps, shopping, and even real estate at There's plenty to see in the city of angels, plenty to consider including in your vacation southern California.

Wine Country: Oh, you're a wine conniseur? Then you've got to check out the 4 southern California destinations at! (That includes San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Temecula.)

Palm Desert is an area you might miss on some of the mega guides. What's so great about it? How about 350 days of sunshine, 70 degree highs in January, spas, golf, dining, hiking, shopping, and a living desert with 10 distinct ecosystems? Even better, how about ascending 2.5 miles to a pristine wilderness aboard one of the world's largest rotating aerial tram cars? All of this makes Palm Desert a complete one-stop vacation southern California.

Home to the Rose Parade, Rose Bowl, an internationally famous racetrack, and a 190 acre wildlife area, Pasadena is a city you should not forget while thinking about where to go on your vacation southern California.

Laguna Beach Travel - If you love being outdoors, there will be so much for you to take in on the seven miles of beach that is Laguna Beach. Travel to this area will be a unique experience full of beautiful sights that are not quite like anything else you’ve ever seen.

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Diving during your vacation southern California

Dive Adventures features 8 major southern California diving destinations.

The Great Escape is a dive boat out of Long Beach, but its website is top notch, including 360 degree views of the boat, great photos, and everything is well written!

Interested in about 100 more vacation southern California diving links? Ok, check out Southern California WWW Scuba Diving Resources.

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Vacation southern California and Golf your Heart Out!

The Southern California Golf Association is one of the oldest and largest regional golf associations in the United States with more than 150,000 members throughout Southern California. Their website features a list of courses - you can even click on a map of southern california to find courses - their FORE magazine, and great golf destinations.

Golf Vacations is a national magazine that combines information about golf and travel. Their website features a special vacation southern California section with reviews and interviews about the best golf destinations.

Golf California isn't specific to your vacation southern California, but it's a great website, full of course reviews, articles, and golf packages and specials.

Here are some links to some specific courses for your golf vacation southern California:

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Hotels for your vacation southern California

Thinking about a Disney vacation? See the theme parks section below, and check out this list of special hotel rates for Disney vacation southern California.

Stay in style in Orange and San Diego counties, or Los Angeles at one of 9 southern California DoubleTree hotels.

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Thinking about an Outdoors vacation southern California?

Check out our plentiful national parks, camping, hiking, desert, mountain biking, and more!

If you've never been to the desert, it'll surprise you- it's not all sand and thirst- it's actually a lot of fun! Check out a guide to vacation southern California deserts from the travel experts at Frommers.

Here's a short guide and links to camping in San Diego county.

Check out some of the best mountain biking trails in California, then stick around to check out GORP, Outdoors, and's monstruous website on everything fun outdoors!

Of course, we're not going to leave out Yosemite National Park, one of the greatest outdoor destinations in the U.S. For your vacation southern California, at least spend a couple days at Yosemite! Doing what? Backpacking, biking, bird watching, boating, camping, climbing, cross country skiing... shall I go on?

Are you a crazy rock climber like me? Then go to, a a fabulous resource with which to plan a rock climbing vacation southern California - they usually have all the info, and anytime you discover or climb something, you can add it yourself!

Here's me at the top of an interesting hike up Picacho Peak, just this side of Arizona.

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Lodging: Vacation Southern California Rentals This one starts with a map of the entire state, but you can click on any city in your interest area, southern California. So, whether it's Santa Cruz, Big Bear, Joshua Tree, Coronado, or anywhere else, your you can find a rental for your vacation southern California here.

Here's another rental place, Check it out AFTER you know where you want your vacation southern California, because it's a list of all California cities.

Vacation Rentals by Owner: This rental site is southern California only.

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Skiing Vacation Southern California's ski resort guide includes 7 SoCal ski spots, with data about and reviews of each.

The vacation Southern California Skiing Guide compares these 7 resorts at a glance.

Search for ski vacation packages at

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Theme Park Vacation Southern California This is a special site. Vacation southern California theme parks as rated by 12 year old Michael Mendelson, of Valencia, California. Want to know what your kid will think? Get an idea here.

Check out some Theme Park Vacation Tips before you make everything final. This page answers common questions, and links to favorite parks, the best parks for kids and toddlers, etc.

DisneyLand Resort Vacation Packages, with Alaska Air and Horizon Air, include just about everything you'd want, unless you want to fly by the seat of your pants...

An guide presents a bunch of themepark travel deals for vacation southern California.

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Package Vacation Southern California - Trip Packages Although this page is for all of California, make sure you look at all the options... you can find great vacation Southern California combo deals like Santz Cruz beach plus wine country plus redwoods, search by region, etc.

Check out the Ares Travel Southern California CityPass, which gives you access to Disneyland and 4 other theme parks including the world famous San Diego Zoo! Also, from this same page, you can search specific cities for your vacation southern California.

Vacation southern California with one of the most trusted names in travel, AAA. There are 6 packages on there right now, but check it for updates.

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Preview your Vacation Southern California with these Webcams!

But remember, we're on Pacific Standard Time.

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