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Male Yeast Infection
by Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc

Brian is the founder of the Pulse of Oriental Medicine, medical professor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and author of Powerful Body, Peaceful Mind: How to Heal Yourself with Foods, Herbs, and Acupressure.

This ain't gonna be a pretty subject, because the male yeast infection affects a very unique part of the male anatomy.

It's also called candida balanitis, which literally means inflammation of the glans penis, and the glans is the vascular body at the apex of the penis.


Diagnosis needs to be made by a very experienced clinician, because there are other sexually transmitted diseases to differentiate it from, and it can mimic other conditions.

This is more likely to happen if you have phimosis, which means the prepuce (foreskin) can't be drawn back to uncover the glans. If you've had a circumcision, it's much less likely you'll get a yeast infection.

The treatment doesn't involve drugs- you have

to keep your glans clean and dry, rather than applying medication. Intercourse should be avoided in acute attacks because moisture and trauma make the male yeast infection worse.

Some men find that the morning after sex, their glans is inflamed. This may occur because of moisture under the foreskin overnight rather transmission of bacteria, fungus, or viruses. Wash and dry the glans after intercourse and oral sex.

Always retract your foreskin during urination.

If you can't get rid of the yeast infection by keeping it clean and dry, you'll need a circumcision. No biggie- in the Bible, the Jews did that before a big battle and they won big time.

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