Map of Southern California - Roadmaps, Topos, Cities, etc.

San Elijo State Beach
near San Diego, California

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Los Angeles

Wine Country (Temecula)


Map of Southern California
By Brian Benjamin Carter, MSci, LAc

I'm a total enthusiast about how much there is to do in where I live, in California! So, I wanted to overwhelm you with a lot of quality web links and reviews.
Check them out below!
How would my California vacation guide section be complete without providing maps? The first one I'm going to do is a map of southern California. Below are a bunch of different kinds of maps, because depending on what you're planning to do, you're going to need different kinds.

Let's start at the macro level. Here's a map of all of California. We're going to look at maps in more detail starting from San Luis Obispo south.

Interested in where recent earthquakes were? Check out this Earthquake Map of Southern California and Nevada. You can zoom in on it!

Here's a link to 4 maps of southern california- Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County, and Disneyland. These maps are huge. Usually, Internet Explorer makes them smaller, but you can click on that weird icon in the lower right hand corner to expand it to actual size. If it's not there, move the mouse off and back on to the picture.

If you're a boater looking for buoys, try this Southern California Buoy Data Map. You can zoom in on this one too.

The next map is GORP's Southern California Regional Map. What's special about this one is that if you click on various attractions/areas, you get more detailed information about it, and they have links to everything from cruises and hotels to State park maps and hiking trails. There's an index of natural destinations below the map of southern California.

Driving in Southern California without a road map? Have no fear, Aacessmaps' Road map of southern California is here to rescue you! Only thing is, their zoom feature is a wanky click on links type of thing. So let's try another one- Mapquest! Ahhhh... much better.

Topographical Maps of Southern California: Now we're going to get into the really cool stuff, for those of us who are GPS, 4x4, back country nerds. You can start here for paid GPS topo maps of southern California, or get aerial and topo maps on the cheap from TopoZone. I love TopoZone. Many a back packing trip of mine has been investigated or designed ahead of time with their help. As they say, "We've worked with the USGS to create the Web's first interactive topo map of the entire United States. And we've spent four years making our maps the best on the Web as well." Only problem is, you have to know the specific area you're looking for first- you can't zoom out over all of Southern California.


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