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Nokia Camera Phone: See Me, Hear Me, Feel Me

With the Nokia camera phone you can not only take pictures, but video too!


Nokia Camera Phone

by Joel Jacobson

The Nokia camera phone takes talking on the phone to a new level

Just when you thought there were enough cool electronic toys out on the market, along comes the Nokia camera phone.

With the Nokia camera phone you can not only take pictures, but video too! With the built in camera, you can share moments with your friends or loved ones using multimedia messaging technology.

You can tailor the functionality of your Nokia camera phone by downloading Symbian and Java applications. Also, you can play video clips and movie trailers with streaming video using Real One player. A Nokia camera phone comes in yellow, grey, purple, dark blue, fuchsia, and blue. It’s very cool.

Nokia’s website has a lot of useful information for the Nokia camera phone. At their web site they have a tutorial that allows you to explore all the phone features, see simulations, and learn tips and tricks on using your phone. You can get specific answers to compatibility and technical questions using the FAQ search. They have a great user’s guide which you can download as a PDF file. There’s a PC suite which will allow you to transfer and synchronize data between your phone and a compatible PC. With modem setup you can define your phone’s modem and data settings on a compatible PC and easily install them on your Nokia camera phone.

There are a ton of enhancements you can get for your Nokia camera phone. It has hands free functionality so you can listen to music or other audio devices. Besides the basic colors, you can enhance the look of your phone with different covers. For messaging, a Nokia camera phone is great. You can get an enhancement called a Nokia Digital pen. This pen remember what you write and will allow you to send digital copies. It allows natural use of pen and paper, send a personal note or drawing using MMS, store personal notes on a compatible PC, and supports the use of third party software.

You can also enhance the performance of your Nokia camera phone with a wireless GPS module which provides location information with a wireless connection to your Nokia camera phone. You can upgrade your memory with a postage stamp sized memory card which provides 64 MB of removable storage and increases the available memory for software and data applications.

Not only can you talk on your Nokia camera phone, you can take pictures, watch movies, record movies, and the list goes on and on. Consider making your next cell phone choice a Nokia camera phone.

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