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Anchorage Alaska Real Estate: Homes and Businesses Flourishing

When you travel to Anchorage Alaska, real estate doesn’t comprise igloos and shacks but of houses from $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more.




Anchorage Alaska Real Estate

by Peter Sylvester

One thing you have to remember - obvious as it sounds - Anchorage is nowhere near the Arctic Circle and derives climatic benevolence form the sheltering Alaska Mountain range.

So when you travel to Anchorage Alaska, real estate doesn’t consist of igloos and shacks but of houses from $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more.

The climate in summer is a pleasant sixty to seventy degrees Fahrenheit while winter is much like skiing weather in the Rockies.

And buying Anchorage Alaska real estate is buying into a whole new lifestyle.

Anchorage Alaska Real Estate - Houses

There is much to choose from in Anchorage Alaska. Real estate starts at just over $100,000 with a couple of modest bedrooms and a reasonable garden.

Moving up-market Anchorage Alaska Real estate gives you a two storey house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and just over an acre of garden to tend for about $400,000 (not to mention two carports).

For an extra $100,000 + you can get four bedrooms, four bathrooms and carports galore!

Anchorage Alaska Real estate runs the gamut and there are houses for $1,000,000 and more.

Anchorage Alaska Real Estate - Commercial

An ideal position for most retail or service businesses fronts Arctic Boulevard.

Tenants may occupy individual spaces from as little as about 2,526sf or more if they require it.

This property offers excellent exposure benefiting the retail or service side of your business while office space is 50’ deep.

Parking is ample there’s a nice front façade, sprinkler system, store front entrances and windows, ceiling tiles and finished interior. .

And all at a reasonable commercial price.

Other properties include a huge motel for $6,500,000+, an OBGYN Clinic for $300,000 and a Saigon Restaurant for $135,000 - there really is something for everybody in Anchorage Alaska. Real estate is as fair as the weather!

Anchorage alaska- What’s Really There?

Anchorage Alaska has arts and culture - it has a unique heritage and Anchorage museums provide insight into Alaska’s amazing past.

This of course includes the Gold Rush - and before that - the original Alaskans.

You can shop for all the modern acquisitions of civilised New York but you can also shop for Alaska native art - and all in an equable climate.

Anchorage Alaska real estate - whether it’s to move jobs, to enjoy a holiday home or to invest to make a fortune - is a sensible place to be buying.

There is so much there in this - the least populated state of the USA!

Some more important Anchorage Alaska facts: Anchorage was one of 10 cities nationwide to receive the 2002 All-America City Award, the fourth time the city has earned such special recognition, a prestige shared with only seven other cities. With Population 261,446, Anchorage is Alaska's largest city - it sports 42 percent of the state's population. Glaciers There are about 100,000 glaciers in Alaska, and 60 of them are within 50 miles of Anchorage.


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