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Seattle Hotel Discount: Finding the Right Place for You

"Finding Seattle hotel discount packages for your family, employees and planned group tours is easier than you think."



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Seattle Hotel Discount

by Trish Williams

You’re planning a trip to Seattle, “The Emerald City,” and your main objective is to find Seattle hotel discount packages that will satisfy your budget requirements without compromising your vacation or business plans. Seattle has over a half million in the city area and over three million in the surrounding Pudget Sound region. Surely in a town this size you can find something to fit the bill? The answer is “Yes, you definitely can!”

Finding Seattle hotel discount packages for your family, employees and planned group tours is easier than you think. The main thing to remember about Seattle is that it rains a lot, and yet, offers some of the prettiest scenery in the U.S. Knowing approximately where you need, or want to stay, will help determine the type of hotel discounts you might find.

Now let’s take a look at some websites that will help you find some Seattle hotel discount packages right for you.

“Seattle is defined by water. There's no use denying the city's damp weather, or the fact that its skies are cloudy for much of the year. Seattleites don't tan, goes the joke, they rust. But Seattle is also defined by the rivers, lakes, and canals that bisect its steep green hills, creating a series of distinctive areas along the water's edge. Funky fishing boats, floating homes, swank yacht clubs, and waterfront restaurants exist side by side,” reports Fodors.

Seattle Super Saver - This website allows you to type in the date and time of arrival; how much you’re willing to pay on a room; the location and they even have a section that checks to see if any special promotions or hotel discount packages are available. This is a very useful site. - Another great website that offers Seattle hotel discount packages to the vacationer or business traveler. Described as a website where surfers can “search for cheap Seattle hotels, budget hotels, and luxury hotels. All Seattle hotels feature a Lowest Internet Rate Guarantee. We feature hotels for business, holiday and vacation travel. Make your Seattle hotel reservation online today and save.” offers Seattle hotel discount packages and lets you see the red stars each hotel has received by reviewers. It’s easy to navigate and with a few clicks and entries, you’ll find the hotel that’s right for you.

The above websites will be quite useful for anyone traveling to Seattle, but especially for the business travel that must make frequent trips to the area. Be sure to bookmark the websites that offer you the best Seattle hotel discount packages, and while you’re in town, be sure to find out if the hotels offer specials for patrons who visit often!

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