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Spokane Washington Hotel: Near Nature and Near Perfect


You’ll discover plenty of new, upscale rooms at a Spokane Washington Hotel in the heart of the city.





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Spokane Washington Hotel

by Richard Hill, Ph.D.

Looking for a Spokane Washington hotel? “Near Nature. Near Perfect” is the motto of Spokane’s energetic boosters, and that slogan sums up the ambiance of Spokane’s unspoiled countryside and wide range of lodgings.

Spokane, Washington Hotel: An Overview

With Seattle and the Pacific to the west, Canada to the North, and the best of scenic Idaho to the east, Spokane is the hub-in-progress of a booming tourist and business economy. “Spoketown” is a sophisticated city in a pristine pine country. The countryside retains the tang of the “54-40 or fight” days, when intrepid U.S. settlers made the “Way West” trek from Missouri and points east, taking 6 months to walk their oxen across to the promised land. When they arrived, the called the bluff of the British army and moved into fertile region, ignoring threats and forcing the English government to back down from their questionable claims.

Spokane Washington Hotel: Great Variety

Whether you’re here for the rapidly expanding business opportunities, the premier all-season recreation, or higher education inquiries at Eastern Washington ( or Gonzaga ( universities, Spokane has lodging to suit your style and budget. Spokane, Washington hotel sites encompass everything from modest bed-and-breakfasts to convention centers, from budget motels to upscale suites.

Spokane Washington Hotel: How to Book a Winner

First try some Spokane Washington Hotel comparison shopping for on the web, where you’ll find special discounts, promotions, and virtual tours. Some hotels even have sub-wholesale specials and rebates.

Once you’re situated, check out the attractions and regional facts at, the city’s official website. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in the way of Spokane, Washington Hotel deals...

Spokane, Washington Hotel: Downtown Convenience

Interviewing for one of the many businesses starting to sizzle in Spokane? You’ll discover plenty of new, upscale rooms at a Spokane Washington Hotel in the heart of the city. Hosting a conference or convention? You’ll find all the facilities you need at competitive prices.

Spokane, Washington Hotel: College-Area Proximity

Eastern Washington University ( Gonzaga University ( are the pride of the region, with high academic standards and impressive alumni action. A visit to the campuses belongs on your itinerary even if you don’t have business (or a son or daughter) in school. You’ll find great lodging nearby from below $60 at the chains to more upscale digs for your collegiate survey.

Spokane, Washington Hotel: Mountain Grandeur, Whispering Pines.

From whichever direction you approach, there’s something exciting about Spokane and its environs. The trees up here are healthier, the air cleaner, the people friendlier. And with hundreds of rooms across a range of taste and price, you’ll find lodging to rest up for tomorrow’s business---and pleasure.

Whatever your travel aim, you can rest easy at a comfortable and convenient Spokane, Washington Hotel. Check in and find out what the natives mean by Northwest magic!

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