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"After you've shopped for your favorite TV show on DVD, why not pick up a few movies -- just for kicks?"


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TV Show on DVD

by Dr. John Luton

You can now check out your favorite TV show on DVD! Isn't technology grand?

I mean, look at everything we have available today that just a few years ago would have been virtually unimaginable. Take television, for instance. Just a few years back -- I won't say just how many -- I was watching the weatherman on my parents' TV set in beautiful black and white. And we were dazzled!

Those days are gone!

Now we have so many options that it really makes my head spin, and -- while it could just be from the whirling motion -- one special memory rises to the surface.

It was a week or so before Christmas, and I can remember waiting for the furniture company's delivery truck because we were expecting a really special delivery - one that we just couldn't miss. Our first color TV set was on the way. When it finally arrived, I soon reveled to the brilliant hues of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," right in the comfort of my own living room.

I think that was the fastest hour of my life. It didn't want the program to end.

But we hadn't seen anything - yet!

No, the wonders of technology were just getting underway. Before long, I suddenly found myself transported into the 90s, riding the wave of digital transmission and storage capabilities. While it all started with viewing movies on the new Digital Video Discs (DVDs), we soon started hearing -- from some really good advertisers - that some of the old favorites were available on the new disks.

That's right -- your favorite TV show on DVD!

Now, we can watch those oldies but goodies anytime you want. Unless, of course, you have something different in mind.

So, my question is . . .
And now we're getting to the good stuff . . .

What's your favorite TV show on DVD? Tell me what you like, and let the official Internet TV Guru guide you right to the goods! We'll leave no stone unturned, no passage unexplored, no . . . well, I think you get the picture!

Let's hear it for the oldies!

Whether you're looking for vintage "I Love Lucy," classic scenes from "Three's Company," or a gripping, suspense-filled episode of a western like "Have Gun Will Travel," you'll definitely want to check out all the digital footage @

Click on: and have a blast!

That's the very best place to look for your favorite TV show on DVD. What's more, they're not limited to the shows we've already mentioned; they've got comedies, mini-series, sci-fi and just about everything else.

As you'll see, it's a great place for all you one-stop shoppers.

What about the great TV shows of today?

I'm so glad you asked. Now, if you're in the mood for something a little more modern, and want to carry home the whole shebang in a box, like all those years of "Friends" or "Sex in the City," check out all the Web stores at once by visiting

This way you can comparison shop and buy even more stuff!

Okay - let's see - we've covered the oldies for you classic TV fans, as well as the best of recent years and today. After you've shopped for your favorite TV show on DVD, why not pick up a few movies -- just for kicks?

I'll never steer you wrong when it comes to TV on DVD. Okay, happy shopping now! When you're done, don't forget to spin one for me!

The ITV Guru - Dr. John W. Luton

For even more, check out for some great DVD suggestions!

You'll find just what you're looking for @

Growing up in northeastern North Carolina, John Luton marveled as his father told stories about his childhood and World War II adventures. Bluebird in Belgium relates those wonderful stories.

Dr. Luton teaches world literature and mass communication at Elizabeth City State University. The Lutons have three grown children.

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