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Used DVDs: Get Your Movies Online Without Going Broke!


You want to build a DVD collection without going broke, but you're wondering whether it's smart and safe to buy used DVDs. This article will answer your questions and save you money!




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Buy Used DVDs

by Lance LaHara

DVDs Last Nearly Forever, Used Ones are a Bargain!

You want to build a DVD collection without going broke, but you're wondering whether it's smart and safe to buy used DVDs. This article will answer your questions and save you money!

Comedian Morey Amsterdam said something to the effect that the great sin in his family was to pay retail. Let's face it: when it comes time to buy used DVDs, Morey's tightfisted relatives were right.  It's downright stupid to pay 20 or 25 dollars for a store-bought movie when you can buy used DVDs with all the quality at a fraction of the price.

Blank DVD prices keep going down, but you wouldn't know it when you go to the new DVD retail outlet to buy. Used DVDs, however, are dropping in price, and with huge movie swap meets where you can buy used DVDs and online "Buy Used DVDs" emporiums, selection is no longer a problem.

Where to buy used DVDs: Good, Better, Best

1. Used media stores are springing up in every town, and you can certainly buy used DVDs there. The only two problems are (1) price and (2) selection. You'll generally pay $8-$12 to buy used DVDs at a storefront, and the selection isn't the best. But if you don't mind taking a bit more initiative, you can buy used DVDs much cheaper and actually find the obscure item(s) you're searching for . . .

2. Swap meets are fairly good places to buy used DVDs and even new DVDs. You may get lucky and find some real bargains-even a one-dollar bin. Bbut more and more the swap-meeters are the same people running the storefronts.

3. Online shopping is by far the best way to buy used DVDs. With a few clicks you can locate ANY item used-literally hundreds of businesses are devoted to customers who want to buy used DVDs. Prices are dropping as more and more outlets start up-you can get fairly new titles starting at $5. It's a buyer's market!

But before you get all excited, here's a few cautions to consider before you buy used DVDs online.

1. Never send cash and be careful with your credit card number when you buy used DVDs. A PayPal account is free, and many dealers, especially those who sell on E-Bay, are set up to take PayPal. For info on setting up a free account, check out

2. Be sure postage and handling charges are legitimate when you buy used DVDs. $3 per disk is reasonable (though they're still making a profit, since actual postage is closer to $1 per disk). Requests for five to eight dollars for postage, while outrageous, is certainly not uncommon. Read the fine print on postage and turnaround time before you buy.

3. Take your time and surf thoroughly to find the best price and service. Prices vary, as do extra charges---see # 2 above. Some companies ship the day they get the order; others wait a week. Some dealers guarantee quality and even re-shrinkwrap your purchase when you buy used DVDs, (which works great for gifts!).

Bottom line: Don't buy from the first place you see-click around for savings and selection.

Happy shopping and movie watching!

Lance LaHara has a vast collection of DVDs and CDs and has never bought a single new one.  He writes unique opinion pieces on life topics for His formal education was literature and anthropology, but his real world background is civil rights and intercultural communication.

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