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Wal Mart Portrait Studio: Tips For A Great Portrait

One final tip on dress: wearing the dressiest clothes to a Wal Mart portrait studio appointment doesn’t necessarily mean a better picture.


Wal Mart Portrait Studio

by Amy Finley

Advantages of a Wal Mart Portrait Studio

If you’re looking for quality pictures at affordable prices, you can’t beat a Wal Mart portrait studio. They offer very low prices on large picture packages, (especially their holiday package deals), no sitting fees, have a variety of backgrounds, and usually have great props, especially for kids.

Wal Mart Portrait studio hours are great in most locations, so you can easily fit picture taking into your busy schedule. They take walk-ins and appointments, although it’s better to schedule an appointment if you don’t want to take a chance on having to wait.

Clothing and Colors

Professional photographers advise wearing simple clothing in solid colors for the best portraits. Background color can be your choice, as long as it doesn’t clash with the clothing you or your kids are wearing during the Wal Mart portrait studio session.

I’ve found that lighter backgrounds tend to make my children look more washed out, so you may want to go with a background with some color in it. Your Wal Mart portrait studio may also offer scenic backgrounds, which can be extremely cute when paired with the right props, but just be careful not to get anything too busy to detract from the picture itself.

One final tip on dress: wearing the dressiest clothes to a Wal Mart portrait studio appointment doesn’t necessarily mean a better picture. Some of the best pictures we’ve had taken of our children have been in simple jeans and t-shirts. If the personality of the person or child being photographed shines through, that’s what’s important.

The Right Time to Visit Your Wal Mart Portrait Studio

It is essential to make sure your kids are rested and fed before your Wal Mart portrait studio appointment. Take along a favorite toy to get them to smile, and you may want to bring a comb and a bottle of spray detangler to tame any flyaway hair. If you’re photographing a baby, take along an extra outfit, just in case.

Call your local Wal Mart portrait studio to find out when their least busy times are, and schedule your appointment accordingly. Your photographer will be less rushed and everyone will be more relaxed if other people aren’t tapping their feet waiting for you to finish your appointment.

If you want your pictures before a certain holiday or event, make sure to inquire when the pictures will come back to your Wal Mart portrait studio. Generally it will be a couple of weeks, but this may vary by location or depending on how busy the studio is.

Discount Secrets

The package deals advertised by a Wal Mart portrait studio are usually based on the first accepted pose. That means that the photographer should take as many portraits as you want until you are satisfied with the picture.

Although this may vary by location, Wal Mart portrait studio specials can often be used per child rather than per session. This means that if you have more than one child and want a package for each child, you can get the special rate for each child during the same sitting.

This doesn’t apply if you get the package special with all of your children together, however. If you get the package deal with all the children in the portrait together and want the same special on individual pictures, you will need to make a return appointment to your Wal Mart portrait studio.

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