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This is this really frickin weird banjo guy that the book a million CEO has a picture of in his office.

You try not to but you always end up staring at banjo guy when your boss isn't looking.








He doesn't look related, so you wonder- is he some weird uncle? A childhood pal? Definitely not a banjo playing gay lover - gay guys don't play banjo... do they?





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Who the heck is this guy?


Book a Million:
The Story Behahnd the Story, an Insider Exposeeee
By Chari T. Madeaux

Founded in 1917 as a street corner newsstand in Florence, Alabama, Book A Million, Inc. has grown to become the premier book retailing chain in the Southeastern United States, and the third largest book retailer in the nation. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, the company currently operates more than 200 stores in 18 states and the District of Columbia.

In addition to its primary retail component, the corporation includes a book wholesale and distribution subsidiary, American Wholesale Book Company, an e-commerce division operating as BOOK A MILLION. COM (well, they call it a division because that makes it sound like a big facility with a bunch of workers, but really it's just Old Ned and his geek nephew Ted. And their dog. And whatever hotties they can attract for lunch in the cafeteria- see the photo below), and an internet development and services company, NetCentral, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lunch at the "division" with the hotties -
Ned is behind the red-haired guy, Ted

Old Ned and his famous e-tailing dog, Cotton,
out in the field doing 'eCommerce Research'

BOOK A MILLION. COM, the company's e-commerce website, was successfully launched in 1998 (quite a feat, isn't it- to launch a website successfully). Like their stores, the site is open, inviting and focused on the products. Since the book a million site's launch, they've enhanced its design (which is what you always want to do to make something look better- enhance its design), product offerings, editorial content (meaning their opinions on stuff- they enhanced those, too) and customer service attributes (it's very important also to enhance your attributes, since attributes are one of the main things customer service has that you can enhance), as well as maintain their position as a value leader (meaning they lead values wherever they need to go) in book e-tailing (ok, it's weird, but yes, they do put tails on their books. And little fuzzy ears. They like to think they're little cute mice, not books. Don't ask).

Through their American Internet Services division, book a million continues to develop a suite of e-commerce solutions (some of their secretaries thought they were developing sweets and got all excited, and when it turned out just to be programming, they all took the take off to strike and go eat bon bons and watch dvds at Sheryl's house) aimed to meet the needs of a variety of business clients (they deal with personal clients differently). The acquisition of NetCentral continues to provide book a million with the development experience and systems resources needed to continue to innovate and compete effectively in the e-commerce arena (I have no idea what that sentence just said- do you? But you'll understand better when you see a picture of the book a million staff writers below).

The writers of questionable web copy
(and for the thousandth time, no, that's not Dustin Hoffman!)

NetCentral, an Internet development and services company, was acquired (much like the chicken pox, or mono, it just sort of appeared, and they're stuck with it for now) by book a million in January, 1999, and is based in Nashville, Tennessee (it will continue to be based there until they can figure out how to debase it, or perhaps even transbase it). In addition to providing systems solutions and web development for all of the corporation's Internet and networking initiatives (we called them on the phone, and they couldn't explain that sentence to us either- or maybe they were hiding something), NetCentral's Internet experience and its development of a comprehensive, integrated e-commerce platform (which one day may be large enough to stand on) continues to attract a growing number of outside clients (annoying ones who keep staring in the windows) as well.

Frickin' Annoying Outside Clients

And that's pretty much the whole book a million story.

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