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Book Online Review: Three Childrens Books Reviewed Online

If you're looking for the perfect children's book, online reviews can help you find the book that will encourage your child to read more and grow as a person.












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Book Online Review

Lois Lowry Children's Books, Online Reviews

by Emily Burson

Are you looking for the perfect children's book? Online reviews can help you find the book that will encourage your child to read more and grow as a person. There are literally thousands of books, online reviews, and more on the internet. Children's literature has always been a passion of mine, so I am going to share my thoughts on a trio of powerful books for you today, all written by the masterful storyteller, Lois Lowry (

"The Giver" children's book, online review:

"The Giver" is a powerful story of a seemingly utopian society. Jonas and his family live in what appears to be a model society, with firm rules and a system for doing everything. At twelve, each child is given the job that they will do for the rest of their lives. Teachers, mothers, caregivers-your life is decided by the time you reach puberty. Every once in a great while, a greater job is given than any other--to become the receiver of memories.

When Jonas is assigned the job of the receiver of memories, he comes face to face with the mysterious Giver. Suddenly Jonas' world is turned upside down as he encounters the truth about his idyllic world. "The Giver" is more than just a children's book. Online reviews can only tell the reader so much without giving away the power of the story. The more memories Jonas receives, the more aware he becomes of the dark side of his perfect world. It is this realization that changes him and challenges him to become someone stronger and braver than he ever thought possible.

"The Giver" is not just a book for children. Although written for an elementary student, this book is guaranteed to move any adult that is willing to lose him or herself within its pages. "The Giver" will make the reader think about what is really important and what is really worth fighting for; and that is what makes the story bigger than just the book; online reviews can only say so much.

"Gathering Blue" children's book, online review:

Lowry follows "The Giver" with "Gathering Blue." "Gathering Blue" brings to life another cast of powerful and beautiful characters. Lowry once again digs through apparently safe and strong societies to explore the power of being different in this book. Online review sites are often unwilling to discuss the power of this book and the message it carries. The heroine of "Gathering Blue" is a young girl with a deformed arm. She would have been left to die if her mother had not fought for her survival. When her mother dies and leaves her alone, her fate is unsure.

However, like any Lowry book, our heroine has been given a powerful gift; this time it is the gift of embroidery. She is taught how to keep the legends of her village alive through the repair of a special robe, but there is something missing…the color blue. Her quest to discover the source of the vibrant blue leads her to a special place at the heart of the book. Online reviews cannot give away the most powerful messages of a book, but remember that Lowry gives her heroine strength. "Gathering Blue" is a constant reminder that who we are is not determined by the outside, but by what is inside.

"Messenger" children's book, online review:

"Messenger" brings together the beloved characters from "The Giver" and "Gathering Blue." The main characters from the two previous books have formed their own society. Their village is place where the gates are always open for anyone who is looking for a place to belong.

However, their attempt at their own version of utopia soon shows some of the same characteristics as the places from which they had escaped. Any book online review of "Messenger" must walk a fine line between telling too much and not telling enough. To truly appreciate "Messenger," you should read both of the first two books.

As the village begins to deteriorate, one young boy is called upon to make a difference, and perhaps the ultimate sacrifice, especially for a child.

Lowry is a masterful storyteller, and these three books will challenge all readers, both young and old, as they discover what is most important to them.

Emily Burson is a 2001 graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She worked for a year as a full time copywriter before getting a job at her church, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. She works at the church full time and loves it. She loves to read and write, and believes that children's books and young adult literature contain some of the most powerful lessons and messages that the written word has to offer. She is an avid scrapbooker and loves to travel, having been to Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Honduras, as well as many states.

If you would like to contact her about her writing, craft ideas, or book reviews, email her at erburson@

Also, read her personal thoughts on God, faith, life, culture, and more.

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