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Cheap Flights to Europe: Less Money Flying Further Abroad

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Bona fide and worthwhile ways to save money and get cheap flights to Europe mean more money to spend on other more exciting things!




Cheap Flights to Europe

by Peter Sylvester

Getting cheap flights to Europe can be a nightmare. Ticket prices change all the time and if you look at the Sunday papers and see the host of available (and cheap!?) tickets advertised you can reasonably just stick a pin in to choose.

Using a travel agent is one answer - and that will ensure that you get sensible advice.

‘Did you realize, sir, that going a little earlier would make it a low season fare?’

But there are other ways of getting a cheap flights to Europe and here are some of them.

Cheap Flights to Europe - Charter Flights

Charter flights are a possible way of saving your money. Often charter companies offer cheaper fares than main airlines. But when your looking for a cheap flights to Europe remember that if the plane fails to fill - then it may be cancelled. You need to know the company’s track record - and also their alternatives if the flights does go down the pan.

Another alternative for a really cheap flights to Europe - from most major US airports is a courier seat. They will often make discounts of between 30% and 80% with the occasional seat for free! But courier flights are becoming fewer from the States these days - but still are worth looking out for. But bear in mind notification is at the last minute - and your travel itinerary needs to be able to cope with that.

And you need to be near the bigger airports, New York and Los Angeles for example.

Cheap Flights to Europe - Consolidator Tickets

These tickets can be much cheaper. They are bought by wholesalers who have negotiated cheap fares for large blocks of seats.

Consolidator tickets often waive the normal advance purchase and minimum and maximum stay requirements that come with other budget tickets. But consolidator tickets are cheap because they come with disadvantages: They are “nonendorsable - which means if your fare is cancelled on a return trip - you have no flight.

It’s a cheap flights to Europe - with the small possibility that you won’t be able to return as cheaply!

Cheap Flights To Europe - Open Jaw!!

It is often cheaper to fly ‘open jaw’ when going to Europe. What this means is you can fly into one city - and leave from another. This can save you both time and money.

All these - plus looking at Student tickets- which are generally available for those who are NOT students as well - are bona fide and worthwhile ways to save money and ensure that you have a cheap flights to Europe.

And that means more money to spend on other - more exciting - things!


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