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Flights to Scotland

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Edinburgh is the destination for one of the most popular flights to Scotland. The magnificent rock with its imposing castle are the centre of Scotland’s wonderful capital.




Flights to Scotland

by Peter Sylvester


Do you want cheap flights to Scotland or do you fancy the gentle luxury of a dear but comfortable journey?

My feeling is that flights to Scotland - from England, Wales or Ireland (see below for U.S.) - should be cheap. For a half hour or hour long flight there is little justification for spending cash on such a short trip.

On the other hand if flights to Scotland come at the company’s expense - then why not?


Let us assume, for these purposes, that we shall fly from London to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is the destination for one of the most popular flights to Scotland. The magnificent rock with its imposing castle are the centre of Scotland’s wonderful capital.

Walk down Princes Street and be aware of the beauty, the glory - and the history of this unique land.


Generally the cost of flights to Scotland is round about £90 to £100. But always remember that there are always discounts and deals so don’t settle for the first price you find.

And if you are willing to travel to, say, Birmingham, the price can drop dramatically to £51 - but this will rise to £73 in the high season.


Southampton costs between £69 and £300! But by and large the price of travel is reasonable.

And you can get flights to Scotland from such places as Bristol, Exeter, Newcastle, Norwich, Liverpool, Manchester and the Isle of Man as well as Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Jersey.


Edinburgh is well served by American flights.

The cost of prices varies - but you can work on the assumption that New York costs £206, Chicago £235, Los Angeles £265, and San Francisco £275.

But let me reiterate - DO NOT ACCEPT THE FIRST OFFER - you can get some remarkable deals! (See Google ads).

And finally, remember that although we have talked about Edinburgh - the heart of Scotland - you can also get flights to Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness and to several destinations on the Scottish Isles.

And this latter will show you flights to Scotland at their very best.


Peter Sylvester is a seasoned UK journalist (NUJ 020267) who has worked with BBC Radios 4 and 5 Live, World Service, The Natural History Programme, Today, The Afternoon Shift, Farming Today, On This Day, and more. He produced "Class Five" for Sybil Ruscoe for three years.

Mr. Sylvester has written for such magazines as The Field, My Weekly, The Woodworker, and Radio Times. In previous successful careers, he has been an actor, teacher, and trader of gold, silver, and precious stones. He
lives near Evesham in Cleeve Prior.

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