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Classic Ugg Boot Styles: Check Them Out!

If you like the looks of a classic ugg boot, but see the pink ones and think, ‘ugg, pink!,’ don’t worry, you can find them in just about any color, from black, lilac, orange, ruby red, more understated neutrals, even to a denim look.



Classic Ugg Boot

by Amy Finley

Classic Ugg Style: What is it Really?

Everybody’s talking about uggs. You’ll see all kinds of ads for the classic ugg boot, like ‘discount ugg boot ,’ ‘ugg boot on sale,’ ‘classic ugg cheap,’ and ‘classic ugg in your size.’ Looking for a pink ugg boot? You’ll probably have to try at least a couple of sites before you find one in stock.

So what’s the deal with the classic ugg? What is it really? Well, here’s the lo-down scoop on this baby you need to know – there is not one universal classic ugg boot. Many companies manufacture uggs, and they all carry ‘the classic ugg boot,’ but really, the styles vary a little from company to company.

Basically, what it boils down to is that the classic ugg is a boot of average length, lightweight, but durable, made from sheepskin and lined with oh-so-cozy fleece. On to the survey questions…

Color Conundrum

First style survey question about the classic ugg has to do with color. Manufacturers carry ugg boots in a wide variety of colors, so you’ve gotta ask yourself what color combo suits you best. Are you the (new) bright orchid or cornflower blue type? Do you like your boots to match your black handbag? Do you live in your jeans?

If you like ugg looks, but see the pink ones and think, ‘ugg, pink!,’ don’t worry, you can find them in just about any color, from black, lilac, orange, ruby red, more understated neutrals, even to a denim look. (And actually, dozens of people think the pink ones are super cute, myself included, but either way it’s okay).

Classic Ugg Clock: Too Trendy?

The second classic style has to do with the ugg boot fashion trend. Do you like to be a trendsetter? (You better order the orchid pair quick!) Or do you dive into the latest trends with reckless abandon and worry about what to do with 32 pairs of uggs later? Or maybe you have a standard to strictly stay away from trends as a matter of principle?

If you like to be a trend-setter, there are some ugg boot styles that are less common than a classic ugg style, like the ugg boot fluff mommas, you may want to check into. Or go for a bright new color, or pair a neutral set of uggs with an unexpected outfit. Either way, you can still be a trendsetter with your ugg boots.

Love the latest trends? You don’t have to stick with a single style. You can go ugg crazy with everything from a classic boot style to ugg clogs to sleek and sexy tall ugg boot styles.

Like the look and quality of uggs, but are holding back from the ugg craze because its too trendy? You can find several styles of ugg boots that are even more understated than the classic ugg boot styles, like Ugg Australia®’s Brooks, Brooklyn, or Canaan styles that offer the comfort and durability of the ugg boot in a sexy but understated way.

Last Question in the Classic Ugg Survey…

The last question in the classic ugg style survey is, ‘what do your feet say after wearing a pair of boots?’ Really, this has everything to do with style. Comfort is key if you want to look good. How hot can you be if your faced is squinched up like Quasimodo because your boots are uncomfortable? That’s what the classic in a classic ugg is all about, anyway – cute, quality, durable, and topped off with ugg-ilicious comfort!


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