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Ugg Boot on Sale: What Will You Really Be Wearing?

Many people feel that the comfort of the ugg boot comes from the sheepskin and the fleece lining, and it’s not worth sacrificing for a synthetic version of the ugg boot, on sale or not.



Ugg Boot on Sale

by Amy Finley

When you look for your ugg boot on sale, is it fleece or is it false?

If you’re looking for an ugg boot, on sale everywhere is where you’ll find’em. These popular and comfortable boots are sold at department stores, shoe stores, and online at dozens of retailers.

If you’re in the market to find an ugg boot on sale, though, you may want to check and see just exactly what the materials are in your ugg boot. On sale they might be, but if they’re not the real thing, are you really getting a bargain?

Sheepskin vs. Synthetic

When you look for an ugg boot on sale, you’re not looking for a specific brand. “Ugg” is the boot genre rather than the boot company. While the ugg boot originates in Australia, first worn by Australian sheep farmers a century ago, not all the companies advertising the ugg boot on sale are making these boots from the traditional sheepskin and fleece Some companies use synthetic materials to make ugg boots.

Now, I a not knocking ugg boot knock-offs. Personally, I don’t mind imitation products, since their price is many times lower than the real thing, but in the case of the ugg boot, on sale may just mean synthetic.

Many people feel that the comfort of the ugg boot comes form the sheepskin and the fleece lining, and it’s not worth sacrificing for a synthetic version of the ugg boot, on sale or not.

(And if you’re thinking synthetic because of the sheep getting skinned, according to, the shawning of the sheep for the skin is similar to a human getting their haircut. So you can going ahead and get a real sheepskin ugg boot, on sale, so you don’t have to feel guilty bout the sheep or the price.)

How do you know?

One of the easiest ways to check out whether the ugg boot you are interested in is made from synthetic materials or sheepskin and fleece is to look online. Many companies selling ugg boots will state if their boots are made from sheepskin. If you’re shopping in a shoe store or department store, check the boot’s tags to see what are the materials listed of the ugg boot. On sale prices, values may differ depending on the ugg boot materials rather than a universal ugg boot product.

Ugg boot on sale in the kids department?

While there are dozens of online and retail stores to buy the ugg boot on sale, if you’re looking for a good deal, a lot of adults can actually wear kids sizes. The ugg boot on sale in a kid size is going to be cheaper than the adult size, and sometimes significantly so.

This won’t work for everyone, but if you have relatively small feet, you’re tight on cash, and want the real sheepskin ugg boot, on sale or not, you’ll save money by going with a kid’s size. (I usually wear a 51/2-61/2 in women’s boots, for example, but I can wear some size 3 girls’ boots). You want to check what the ugg boot retailer’s return policy is if you go with this strategy, though, in case it doesn’t work out.

What’ll you be wearing?

Whether you want to go with a synthetically made ugg boot or an authentic sheepskin and fleece ugg boot, on sale prices, you have to determine what you’re really getting in order to determine if you’re getting a good deal. An ugg boot on sale is no sale, if you’re not getting what you really want.

In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Ms. Finley is also a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


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