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How We Manage Your Feedback and Answer Your Medical Questions

If you ask us a question, we may ask you for more information before we answer. This is usually because we have not been given enough information in the first place. If your query fits the topic of one of our columnists, it will be forwarded to them.

We cannot guarantee that we will answer every question. Some queries (due to their complexity) should be taken to your local acupuncturist, herbalist, or doctor.

If you give us noteworthy praise, we may share it with other readers. If we turn your query and our response into an article, we keep your identity anonymous.

We also point out on every page that our purpose is educational only. We always encourage our readers to consult their doctor and chinese medicine physician one-on-one before taking any action.

All information herein provided is for educational use only and not meant to substitute for the advice of appropriate local experts and authorities.
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