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"When we wear the Live Strong wristband, we stand together, demon-strating the endless possibilities of the human spirit. Let the Eagle Soar!"




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Live Strong Wristband
by Lance LaHara

LIVE STRONG WRISTBAND: Part of the Solution

A vicious murderer is gaining ground ---cancer is alive and killing. Maybe you have it already. It’s almost certain that you know someone who has been stricken. Sometimes cancer can seem hopeless, but by wearing the Live Strong wristband, we become part of the solution---another link in the chain of cancer awareness and treatment.

The Live Strong Wristband: Origins

Lance Armstrong blazed the trail of awareness. He had testicular cancer, an advanced case that had spread to other organs. But he fought back and triumphed. He showed the world through his sports prowess AFTER cancer that the disease is not hopeless. Lance Armstrong is the Michael Jordan of bike racing, but his life is dedicated to helping others beat cancer. His weapon? The Live Strong wristband. When Lance showed his Live Strong wristband and said, “I used to live. Now I live strong,” Wristband winds began to blow against the straw house of complacency.

The Live Strong Wristband: The Eagle of Awareness Soars

Soon many famous men in politics and entertainment began to wear the distinctive golden rubber Live Strong wristband. President Bush, Senator Kerry, Bono of U2, Robin Williams, Bruce Willis, and a host of other celebrities joined the movement. But here’s the best part. Once it was only the famous, the anointed spokespersons, the protest singers and professional speakers who stood up to be heard on issues that affect society. But when Lance spoke up, it soon seemed that everyone, from the famous and powerful to the man on the street, was showing their golden intentions by wearing the golden Live Strong Wristband.

The Live Strong Wristband: For Every Wrist

“I’m not much of a joiner, and anyhow it can’t happen to me.” Yes, we all say that. But testicular cancer is the number one cancer suffered by men. Now the power to speak out is with the people. By wearing the Live Strong wristband, we can show our solidarity with the afflicted. And we can remind one another that Cancer can’t win if we seek early treatment.

“But what can I do?” Becoming part of the solution is easy. Follow the Live Strong Wristband 1-2-3 Plan:

  1. Buy the Live Strong wristband and support the work of the Lance Armstrong foundation
  2. Learn about Lance Armstrong, his tragedy and eventual triumph. Also get the facts on cancer, via the web or otherwise. Educate yourself and be prepared to educate others.
  3. Wear the Live Strong wristband whenever you’re in public. When people ask about it, tell them about Lance’s ordeal and how he overcame it. Share what you’ve learned about cancer. Set a good example with regular checkups and a healthy lifestyle

When we wear the Live Strong wristband, we stand together, demonstrating the endless possibilities of the human spirit. Let the Eagle Soar!

Lance LaHara writes unique opinion pieces on life topics for


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