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Sexy Halloween Costumes: Unshy Yourself and Let Loose Your Demons


The sexy Halloween costumes available today are too cute and too hot to not squeeze into several times a year!




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Sexy Halloween Costumes

by Tiffany LaHara

Un-Shy Yourself As A Sexy Halloween Siren!

Sexy Halloween costumes are all the rage now, a far cry from when I was a young trick or treater clomping around the neighborhood in white orthopedic shoes (part of my aunt’s industrial nurse uniform that I borrowed for a Halloween costume that was definitely UN-sexy).

Halloween costumes have come a long way since then, and young adults are the demographic group spending the most money on holiday outfits. And no wonder--the sexy Halloween costumes available today are too cute and too hot to not squeeze into several times a year!


If you’ve always wanted to dress sexy but were too shy to go for it, sexy Halloween costume chic is the perfect entrée into outré faux fashion and a perfect way to bring you out of your shell. Here are some of the most popular items available widely from storefronts and websites:

1. Sexy Halloween costumes classic: French Maid. Equipped with the tight black skirt, little white apron, merry widow bodice (and of course the feather-duster accessory), you can use all the French words in the last paragraph--and the personality that goes with the outfit--to good effect at both public . . . and private . . . parties.

2. Sexy Halloween costumes perennial: Sexy Nurse. The fantasy version of my old industrial nurse outfit. The stethoscope accessory is a must for checking heartbeats and generally playing doctor.

3. Sexy Halloween costumes surefire: Sexy Witch: Since Samantha on the “Bewitched” TV show of the 60’s, witches are a mainstay of sexy Halloween costumes. But Samantha was an old hag compared to how you’ll look in today’s sexy witch ensambles.


Don’t just limit yourselves to the classics. With adult costume parties throughout the year, you can twist any literary, mythological, or occupational focus into a sexy Halloween costume. Some of the hot ones I’ve seen turning heads at soirées include the Mermaid (tails are optional, but the little shell cups are a must), cheerleader, army babe, police woman, Amazon (Remember Wonder Woman!), Vampira, belly dancer--- the sexy Halloween costume variations are unlimited!


True, but Sexy Halloween costumes are surprisingly affordable because the manufacturing focus is on looks rather than durability—meant to be worn once or twice; then you move on to other fantasies. You can make your own sexy Halloween costume, too—an old faux fur coat can be torn into great cave girl strips, and sexy pirate scanties are easy to throw together. But you’ll make the biggest splash if you splurge a little for the “store-bought” finery and accoutrements.

You can get sexy Halloween costumes with all the accessories for $50-100, and most of them are on the low end of that range. Check your local costume shop for bargains, but before you buy, always click around on the web for competitive pricing and selection.

Go ahead, girl ---let the sexy Halloween spirit take you! Try several costumes at parties this year, fulfilling your fantasies and turning heads at every one!


Tiffany LaHara is a freelance writer who specializes in pop-culture fashion.

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