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Womens Leather Jacket

"There's just something about womens leather jackets that calls to us; not only do they keep us warm, but they turn heads."

Jessica Cuccioli is a Southwest Florida journalism student. She was raised a Messianic Jew, and studied at a Christian Bible college for a year. Ms. Cuccioli has also been published in the Charlotte Sun. Best of all, she was engaged to be married in Fall 2004.



Womens Leather Jacket: naughty and nice, sugar and spice
by Jessica Cuccioli

The leather and chrome paradise

This past week, I went to a Harley Davidson sponsored Toys for Tots toy run, and when I got there, I knew I'd walked into a leather and chrome paradise. It was cold (yes, Florida gets cold) and everywhere the eye could see were beautiful shining Harleys and leather jackets, especially womens leather jackets. There were probably more women there than men! A female biker group, "The Chrome Divas" were there, and, of course, one outstanding feature that made them noticeable was their leather jackets. These girls may look naughty, but they were the nicest people ever.

There is just something about womens leather jackets that calls to us; not only do they keep us warm, but they turn heads. Fur is pretty, but leather says so much more.

Tis the season... be warm! And to be stylish. Every year, I go out looking for a new womens leather jacket. This year, my new personal favorite fad is patches. Sure, you won't go to a Broadway show wearing a patch-ridden leather jacket, but they're so fun. And that's just my spice side. Like every girl, I have many.

Naughty and nice; every girl has a side

The cool thing about womens leather jackets is that they come in so...many...styles. I get dizzy going into the stores. If you want that look, the one I like to call "the naughty-chic", there are fewer winter clothes to give you that than a womens leather jacket. Wear it buttoned all the way up except for the first few. If it's a zipper, just leave it unzipped enough. Add a classy skirt and some high heel, knee-high boots, and watch heads turn.

When I think "nice" I think "busy business woman". This is actually one of my favorites because not only does dressing this way say "classy", but it shows your strong, independent side. If you're one of these women walking from the office to the cafe for lunch, or you just know your classy and want to show it off wherever you feel like it (cause we can do that) then go for the womens leather jacket. And since you can never go wrong with black for this look, pair a mid-thigh black leather jacket with a trendy black pants suit, choose your shoes and accessories, and go get the world. And some of you may not know this, but dressing for success can actually help boost self-esteem and self-confidence.

Mysterious and dangerous

Somewhere between naughty and nice, sugar and spice, lies mysterious. When we think of some of our favorite TV or movie heroines, some of them are sure to be weapon-bearing, womens leather jacket wearing, kick-your-butt women, like Trinity from The Matrix, Dark Angel, and Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. When you're just in that mood, it's good to have that leather jacket on hand. Some people, like goth girls, just plain don't leave home without it. More power to 'em.

Sugar and spice, womens leather jackets are so nice

Its so easy to look sweet in a leather jacket. How? Because they are so versatile. You can find pink leather jackets with white fur if you wanted. Or take any colored womens leather jacket (the short, close fitting ones are cutest) and pair it with a cute shirt, jeans, and sneakers. If you want to be super sweet, choose the same leather jacket as above, and wear it with a plaid skirt, tights, and Mary-Janes. Wear pigtails, and it just doesn't get any sweeter than that.Spice is where it gets fun. There are no rules to being spicy with your womens leather jacket. Be a rebel, be a punk, be something no one else is, and you've got spice.

This season, stay warm and be stylish. A womens leather jacket is a great

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