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Sony Flat Panel

It looks cool, is cool, and it heightens your experience. Just what I like! I love the sleek, updated form of the Sony Flat Panel.




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Sony Flat Panel

by Laura Morgan

The Sony Flat Panel Monitor– How cool is that!

The Sony Flat Panel is awesome! It looks cool, is cool, and it heightens your experience. Just what I like! I love the sleek, updated form of the Sony Flat Panel.

One the best features I like of this product, and many others these days is the Parental Control (V-Chip) that allows parents to block unsuitable programming from younger viewers. If anything has this feature on them, I always respect and prefer those to others. In this day and age it is so hard to keep children instilled with morals and values.

Among the many features the Sony Flat Panel Screen has are:

  • Wide Screen Mode allows you to watch 4:3 normal broadcasts in wide screen mode (16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Twin View Using Multi-Image Driver (MID?-X), Twin View allows you to watch two programs side by side with the ability to zoom in on one picture and listen to the program in the selected window. You can watch pictures from two different sources (1080i, 720p, 480p, or 480i) simultaneously.
  • Favorite Channels allows you to preview and select from up to sixteen of your favorite channels.
  • Memory Stick® Enhanced Viewer allows you to view digital photos (JPEG) and movies (MPEG1) and mix in MP3 music from your Memory Stick media on your television.
  • Dual Component Video Inputs achieve greater color accuracy than composite and S-Video when connecting to compatible devices (DVD players, VCRs, etc.).
  • Built-in Speakers includes 4 (15W x 2) speakers to deliver dynamic sound.
  • Front A/V Inputs lets you quickly connect video games, camcorders or stereo/mono equipment.

And so much more…..

The clarity on the Sony Flat Panel is awesome. The pictures come out crystal clear, and the sound features are amazing. Sony makes the perfect combination of form, function and convenience.

How Computer Monitors Work

Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology works by blocking light rather than creating it, while light-emitting diode (LED) and gas plasma work by lighting up display screen positions based on the voltages at different grid intersections. LCDs require far less energy than LED and gas plasma technologies and are currently the primary technology for notebook and other mobile computers. As flat-panel displays continue to grow in screen size and improve in resolution and affordability, they will gradually replace CRT-based displays.

This is one product I will invest in when I have the money to indulge in a larger than life Sony Flat Panel screen. I cannot think of anything more rewarding than sitting down with the family on the couch in the family room together, cuddling up in blankets and watching a Blockbuster movie in the comfort of your own home on a big screen.

Why is the Sony Flat Panel so popular?

First, because they use advance-imaging technology, the picture is a lot sharper than what you see on regular TV screens. The sharpness is that good. Customers also buy them because the compact size means they can go in parts of the house where TVs have rarely been before.

People are placing these in dens, kitchens, bathrooms, and who knows where else. Wouldn’t it be great to put one of these Sony Flat Panel Monitors in your kitchen as you cook, while your watching a cooking show to show you step by step how to prepare a meal? I think that would be awesome. Plus, they simply just look cool! So snap one up!

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