Anne Klein, Watch Designer Extraordinaire

Anne Klein, watch
designer extraordinaire


The Anne Klein watch has a feeling of elegance, whether the style of watch is modern or classic.






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Anne Klein Watch

by Patrick Austin

If you want to show your lady friend that you really care, you should consider getting her an Anne Klein watch. Anne Klein watches have always been representative of American style and sophistication. It’s something women love to wear and show off.

Anne Klein began by designing sportswear and watches for women in the late 1960’s. As the company experienced continued success, lines of Anne Klein shoes and accessories became available. This is when the Anne Klein was introduced. All of the products had the same quality and tasteful design that Anne Klein customers demanded of the clothing line.

The Anne Klein watch has a feeling of elegance, whether the style of watch is modern or classic. Four popular collections of Anne Klein watches are Classic, Diamond, Dress and Dress II.

The Anne Klein watch “Classic” collection has designs that are delicate and beautiful. These watches are perfect for women of any age. Many feature gold-plated or two-tone watchcases with stainless steel or gold-plated bracelets.

The Anne Klein watch “Diamond” collection is the ultimate in versatility. Many feature stainless steel bracelets with jewelry clasps. This Anne Klein watch can be dressed up with a more elegant outfit or played down with shorts and a t-shirt. It’s been called a do-everything/go-anywhere watch.

The Anne Klein watch “Dress” collection is a larger and more modern style. The fashion-forward designs will add stylish appeal to any outfit.

The Anne Klein watch “Dress II” is a sporty, casual and colorful collection. Some would even say youthful and bold. Many watches in this collection have colored leather straps with metal buckles, stainless steel cases with diamond bezels, quartz movement and luminous hands. This watch was designed for a younger individual in mind.

Women enjoy wearing an Anne Klein watch because it shouts style and confidence. These quality watches are beautiful, affordable and, like any Anne Klein accessory, the epitome of American class.

You can find the Anne Klein watch collection at a number of jewelry stores and at your local mall. If you don’t have the time to run to the store and pick one up, they are available online. You could even get an Anne Klein watch on The prices vary depending on the style you choose. Some are as expensive as three hundred dollars, while others are available for fifty dollars.

Anne Klein New York Official Website

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