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Chanel Sun Glasses, Hip Trendy Designer Sunglasses

"Chanel sun glasses let you make an impressive statement about who you are and your incredible fashion sense."



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Chanel Sun Glasses

by Patrick Austin


Chanel sun glasses are known the world over for their style and elegance. These sun glasses come from the leading French designer, Chanel. This company has been around for many decades and is a leader in the fashion industry. The Chanel name is known for its trendsetting fashions and high quality.

Gabrielle Chanel began her career as a hat designer in Paris almost one hundred years ago. Her hats were well made and very stylish. She became famous for popularizing practical clothing. Although, Chanel isn't around to run the company she started, her foundations of quality and practical elegance remain with the company.

Chanel sun glasses let you make an impressive statement about who you are and your incredible fashion sense. You are sure to look trendy today and in the years to come.

What makes Chanel sun glasses so trendy and hip is the designers were willing to take risks. They were one of the first companies to introduce rimless sun glasses. A few years ago, people would have laughed at the thought of wearing rimless glasses. Now, they are “in”. Did Chanel have a hand in this trend? I think so.

If you buy a pair of Chanel sun glasses, not only will you get the glasses, you’ll also receive a cleaning cloth, hard case, and a certificate of authenticity(this comes in handy if someone tried to question whether or not you have real Chanel sun glasses).

Chanel sun glasses aren’t for the average sun glass wearer. They are the Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz of the sun glasses industry. And they cost accordingly. If you decide to splurge and purchase a pair of Chanel sun glasses, it will probably cost you in the neighborhood of one hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars.

Why are people willing to spend so much money on Chanel sun glasses? Well, the fact that they are made in Italy could have something to do with it. People always love to buy fancy foreign products. Chanel also has a strong reputation for making high quality products. They are the perfect example of what a good reputation can do business wise. It goes to show that most people are willing to spend more on something of higher quality.

If you’d like more information about Chanel sun glasses and some of their newer collections being released soon, check out their main web site:

Mr. Austin is a freelance writer who covers entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine, and a multitude of life topics on

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