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Updated October 15, 2004


Southern California Hotels
By Brian Benjamin Carter, MSci, LAc

I'm more than an acupuncturist - I'm a total enthusiast about how much there is to do in where I live, in Southern California! So, I wanted to overwhelm you with a lot of quality web links and reviews. Check them out below!

Are you ready to visit the southern half of the greatest vacation state in America?
Then you need to look at Southern California Hotels...

I've put together a comprehensive resource for all kinds of Southern California vacation trips, stays, and locations. If you've looked at other sites, you know how time-consuming it can be to filter through the bad results... so just bookmark this page, and use it as your starting point for the best resources to plan your vacation!

So, let's talk hotels.

Southern California Hotels: can help you find rooms up to 70% off and for sold out dates. is similar, but also has information on cruises, golf vacations, limo rentals, restaurants, etc.

Search AccessAccommodations for deals, too!

Thinking about a Disney vacation? See our theme parks section, and check out this list of special hotel rates for Disney vacation southern California.

Stay in style in Orange and San Diego counties, or Los Angeles at one of 9 southern California DoubleTree hotels.

Now, if you're open to the idea of not doing a hotel, if you want something more quaint and romantic, you might consider a bed and breakfast in southern california instead. Check it out - it's a whole resource I created for you!


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