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Cheap Flat Screen TV: Deals on Great Viewing Experience

With our super duper big, cheap flat screen TV, our viewing experience has soared to the highest level imaginable!




Cheap Flat Screen TV

by Dr. John Luton

On Jan. 31, Advertising reported that there will likely be 1.4 million big screen TVs sold before Super Bowl XXXIX. That’s a lot of big screen TVs! Whether that huge number of sets will actually be sold before the Super Bowl is something we’ll just have to wait and see about.

But this prediction tells me one thing for sure – Everyone wants a big TV set. And, if most people are like me, I’ll bet everybody would love to get their hands on what I like to call a cheap flat screen TV!

With so many sets being sold, cheap flat screen TV deals are popping up everywhere!

As my grandmother used to say, “I wouldn’t take something pretty for my cheap flat screen TV! Okay, my grandmother didn’t actually have a flat screen TV set. She just used the saying “I wouldn’t take something pretty” a lot. However, if she had actually been able to see the set we have upstairs in our F. R. O. G., she definitely would have applied her favorite saying to it. No doubt about it!

Let me tell you about my cheap flat screen TV!

It’s an HDTV – not HDTV ready – it’s the real McCoy! And I have it all hooked up to one of those cool Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound entertainment packages. Let me tell you this – I hit the deck whenever I’m watching any kind of a battle scene. It’s that realistic!

Now, since I’m teach mass communication at my university, I felt it was important that I go ahead and purchase one of those big boys – just so I could more accurately describe what they provide to my students. So, you might say that I actually made the purchase for the advancement of human knowledge!

Not convinced? Neither was my wife, even though it sounded really good at the time. Okay, for a while I was in just a little bit of hot water, but all I had to do was get a couple of DVDs and an evening’s supply of popcorn, and soon I was out of the woods. She loves our cheap flat screen TV – almost as much as I do!

What did I do before I bought my cheap Flat Screen TV?

Before we picked up our wonderful, electronic window on the world, I found myself forced to watch television on a really small screen – you know, one where you almost have to use a magnifying glass to follow the action. The audio was something less than sublime as well.

Not anymore! With our super duper big, cheap flat screen TV, our viewing experience has soared to the highest level imaginable. Now, I not only have the best job in the world – teaching students about the various forms of mass media – I also do a lot of my “research” up in the F. R. O. G., watching my huge TV screen. It’s tough work, but I suppose some has to do it and – well – I guess I’ll just have to make the sacrifice.

Isn’t it time you picked out your cheap flat screen TV?

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to buy your cheap flat screen TV in time to see one of your favorite televised events or movies? With all the great bargains available, you’re bound to pick a winner!

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