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Sony Flat Screen TV: Full Features at Bargain Prices

With all these fantastic features, combined with today’s rock bottom prices, now’s the time to get that Sony flat screen TV you’ve been waiting for!




Sony Flat Screen TV

by Dr. John Luton

If you’ve been searching high and low for that perfect Sony flat screen TV, take a good look the deals on this page! There’s something here to meet all your needs for visual and audio entertainment.

Did you know that Sony Flat Screen TV sales are predicted to skyrocket? Hmm, that sounds like low prices!

You bet it does. In just the next few weeks, sales of big screen TVs are expected to exceed 1.4 million. While the tremendous increase in sales may be largely due to the Super Bowl, it’s also part of a trend that’s been underway for quite some time. So, if big screen TV manufacturers are hoping to sell that many sets, they’re going to have to bring the prices way down. And guess what – they have! Let’s see what you’re getting for the money!

Sony Flat Screen TV: A bargain at any price -- but these prices are crazy!

One great thing about Sony is that, no matter which of their models you’re looking at, you’re going to find some really great features. In fact, all the Sony flat screen TV models have something really great to offer – and in every price range. Let’s take a look at some of those unparalleled Sony features.

Check out these popular Sony Flat Screen TV features!

  • Widescreen (16:9) Format – While some viewers still prefer the so-called full screen (4:3) format, most prefer to take advantage of a Sony flat screen TV in widescreen. Widescreen models provide viewers with the option of switching between the two aspects by just pressing a button.
  • Plasma Screen / Liquid Crystal Display Technology – Okay, which is better, plasma or LCD? You might get as many answers as the number of people you ask. Here are basically two different technologies attempting to produce the same desired outcome – a crystal clear image that is saturated with brilliant colors rich contrast. Honestly, they both do a remarkably good job!

    There are a few trade offs, however. For example, an LCD screen cannot touch he plasma’s capacity for contrast. Some plasma models approach a contrast ratio of 3000:1, whereas, the limit for an LCD screen is about 1000:1. Contrast becomes an important factor when viewing scenes with radical extremes of light and dark components. Otherwise, not much difference will be observed. No matter what your preference in this area, there’s a Sony flat screen TV that can accommodate your taste.
  • 3D Comb Filter – Nowadays, you hear a lot about the 3D Comb Filter. However, most people really don’t know much about them. Without getting too technical, this is the part of your Sony flat screen TV that processes and enhances images. While all images on a TV screen are two-dimensional (height and width), the 3D Comb Filter processes that 2D image to make it look more like it also includes the dimension of depth. That way what you see on your Sony flat screen TV looks practically three-dimensional – like looking through a window!
  • Dolby Virtual Sound Processing – Most TVs have great sound, especially if you fork over a few hundred bucks for an add-on Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound speaker system. Without these add-ons, many of even the most expensive models sound pretty awful!

    Not so with the Sony flat screen TV! With Dolby Virtual Sound Processing, you’ll be able to create a virtual 5.1 surround sound using only your TV’s stereo speakers. No add-ons needed. Plus you won’t have to worry about tripping over all those unsightly wires!

So, with the Sony flat screen TV, you’re getting a state-of-the-art entertainment system that sounds just a great as it looks. With all these fantastic features, combined with today’s rock bottom prices, now’s the time to get that Sony flat screen TV you’ve been waiting for!

I hope you’ll enjoy your brand new Sony flat screen TV!

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