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Christian Marriage Counseling

No one ever wants to admit that they may be in need of Christian marriage counseling. Admitting you need help is always hard.



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Christian Marriage Counseling

by Laura Morgan

Christian Marriage Counseling – Finally asking for help.

Are you feeling:

  • Hopeless about ever restoring or saving your marriage...
  • Isolated because your spouse shut you out of their life...
  • Rejected, unloved, abandoned, disrespected or hurt because of they have said or done something that left you bitter and alone in your home….
  • Frustrated that nothing seems to make things better...
  • Or perhaps the internal pain of being cheated on, an affair or the constant rejection you feel has left you with a feeling of betrayal?

If this is how you are feeling, it's OK, you are not alone and your situation is NOT hopeless, because...there is help out there!

No one ever wants to admit that they may be in need of Christian marriage counseling. Admitting you need help is always hard. It means there is a flaw within your marriage or relationship, and exposing your pain and emotions make you vulnerable. Nobody wants to feel naked and exposed this way, but getting help may be your last option before divorce. Don’t let it come to that. Asking for help may be hard, but letting go of a marriage which you hold value to, because you were to scared to approach the idea is more painful. You will regret it if you take the route of “what if’s”. Later on, I will list some tips on how to approach your husband or wife about getting Christian marriage counseling.

How to approach your spouse about wanting to go to Christian marriage counseling.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself when you have a doubt about whether to say something to someone else:

  • Is it true, that we are past trying to reach each other on our own?
  • Will it be helpful to this relationship?
  • Is it necessary?

More than likely you have been laying in bed at night, rethinking previous scenarios, incidents, conversations you have had with your spouse. You have cried yourself to sleep, and prayed countless prayers to the Lord above to offer assistance where he can only intervene. Now you need to take the next step. Getting the both of you to some marriage counseling.

So how do you go about approaching the issue? Here are some things to remember:

  • Nobody likes to feel attacked. Even if they know they are wrong, it still feels horrible and you only offer resentment if you approach them in a way that is not guided by love.
  • Admitting your part of the problem allows the opening of both in the marriage to not feel excluded.
  • Your marriage is worth it, and you should never feel otherwise.

Sit your partner down, sit close to them (even if you are fighting) and gently begin a conversation in your own words how much you value your marriage, and feel that it is worth fighting for. Then you can begin from there, how you feel that seeking a Christian marriage counselor can help the both of you find your path to each other once again and save this marriage. Your partner should be accepting of this is he or she is already a Christian.

Sites that offer Christian marriage counseling.

There are plenty ways to get help via the Internet these days. The Internet is a speedy way for finding almost anything for any need. Including Free Christian marriage counseling help. There are forums, informational websites, and email help directly with the Christian marriage counselor. Online help should never replace the help of a professional.

God will help guide you and your family to safety, providing you with many avenues of finding help, but you should be careful in where you turn to. Professional Christian marriage counseling help should not be limited to a simple website or forum (although they can provide you with great information and relief in sharing your problems or fears).

Always seek to be joined with a certified pastor or priest who you trust. Trust is very important in allowing you to be free to be honest, forthright, and letting your walls down to receive the help. If you’re free to receive it, the help will come. If you are closed to the idea of having to actually open up your innermost fears, thoughts, worries and cares – you will get nowhere~ your marriage is worth more than that. Get help.


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