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If you seek a Christian web site with a variety of goodies for you to feast upon, then these are a must see.




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Christian Web Site

by Jessica Cuccioli

Hi, I hope you enjoy this guide to Christian web sites including news, humor, radio, shopping, search engines and more!

There are so many great Christian web sites out there, but sometimes it's hard to find what you're looking for. Here you'll find a wide range of Christian web sites and links grouped together by interest to make it easy for you!

Want an all around awesome Christian web site?

If you seek a Christian web site with a variety of goodies for you to feast upon, then these are a must see.

How about a Christian news web site?

Craving news from a Christian perspective? These sites have all the information you need plus a whole lot more!

Christian News Media Service - Worthy News - Christian Magazine
This Christian news web site gives you world news, Christian news, "weird" news, and offers forums, comics, chats, and more. - SBC Baptist Press News - Witness the difference
Everything from hard news to your favorite sports, this Christian web site for news delivers!

Christian news media service - AgapePress
"Reliable news from a Christian source," this site is available in six languages. Includes a special section for pastors and church leaders called "The Insider."

Here's a Christian web site or two to make you smile

God gave us funniness for a reason. To deal with our mother-in-laws.

Just kidding.

Take a break. Kick back. Relax, and have yourself a little chuckle with these funny Christian web sites. V 6.3 - Your Total Source For Clean Humor
Jokes, stories, cartoons, and games abound in here. Plus pages just for women and men, and plenty of other things to keep you busy!

Christian Humor - Clean Religious Jokes from
Humor, games, and some really cute jokes (some may have you rolling).

Christian Web Humor--church funnies, bible trivia jokes, pastors' jokes, sermon jokes
Over 10 pages of humor. There's something here for everyone!

Pastor Tim's Clean Laughs - Jokes, Comedy, and Humor / Humour

Images, videos, audio, top 10...this site is just plain cool. "Manly vacuum" is a must see in the images.

Christian web site for shopping

Bibles, books, gifts, music, apparel, cards, kids, and other great stuff. Both these Christian web sites have it!

Christian radio and television web sites

Tune in for music, news, and talk. Also Christan web sites with links to Christian radio

Christian web site dedicated to creation science

If you want to learn more about the scientific side of creation, visit this fascinating Christian website site:

Creation Science Evangelism Web Site- Kent Hovind, a creation science evangelist, shows "how Science actually gives glory to God by supporting the Biblical account of creation." This Christian web site will keep you in awe as you watch seminars and debates, and read through the question and answer science section. This will also help you boost your knowledge when debating!

Christian web site search engines

Looking for something more? Here are some great Christian web site search engines sure to be helpful.

Christian web site about missions trips

Adventures In Missions: Short-term Mission Trips

Ms. Cuccioli is a Southwest Florida journalism student. She was raised a Messianic Jew, and studied at a Christian Bible college for a year. Ms. Cuccioli has also been published in the Charlotte Sun. Best of all, she was engaged to be married in Fall 2004.

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