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Christian Movie Reviews

by Brian Benjamin Carter, MS, LAc

Brian Carter, acupuncturist, herbalist, and author

This page is not exhaustive, but it contains Christian movie reviews of some of the movies I've seen recently. I give you my honest opinion of the movies, their content, and their value in relationship to Christian doctrine, and discuss what they mean to the culture (the world) and to us as Christians.

FYI, I am a sola scriptura, evangelical Christian.

Christian Movie Review of I Heart Huckabees

I told my wife I was going to write this, and she didn't understand how I could write about this movie on here. I had to explain that I'm a Christian no matter what movie I go see, and the point is to discuss the movie and our culture in light of Christian doctrine! Ok, well, yes this was a crazy movie, and you shouldn't take your kids.

In fact, I think it may be hard for a lot of people to understand. It makes reference to eastern and new age ideas, and is based on the idea of personal transformation, not something largely emphasized in Christian circles.

But isn't that interesting? We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, yet we never hear much about how that must be a difficult experience! And when I think about St. Stephen, I think about how most of us don't live our Christian beliefs publically enough to have the privilege of being persecuted. Jesus said the persecuted were blessed (Mat 5)...

Well, anyway, one good point about the movie was that I don't think most people realize how much of what motivates them on a daily basis is decided by things they aren't even conscious of. The existential detectives played by Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin help a fireman grapple with the worldwide implications of petroleum usage (and in a funny scene, he tells his daughter that his wife who is leaving doesn't care about the kids her age who are chained in the factory making the shoes that her mom buys), they help several of the characters see how they were betraying themselves for love and approval (the world's love and approval - also something a Christian should not seek), and so on.

In conclusion, I think if you have an open mind and appreciate the need for personal searching and transformation, you could enjoy this movie.

Christian Movie Review of
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Very interesting cinematography. I think the coolest part was when the giant robots walked through the city. It became clear that this was what a sci fi movie would have been like if today's film technology was available in the 1930's. From a Christian movie reviews perspective, this is a nice film because it harkens back to an era when vulgar words and images weren't needed to sustain an audience's attention. A fun adventure, basically wholesome (except for the backstory of Jude Law's character having cheated on Gwyneth), and refreshing. Unfortunately, the plot isn't too memorable.

Christian Movie Review of
Shaun of the Dead

Certainly violates the Christian worldview of what happens to the dead, and chances are this won't be part of the second coming, but it sure is a funny take on the Dawn of the Dead series of movies. This is one of those movies where you end up laughing at things that are funny because they're either stupid or horrible. But surprisingly, there is a touching moment when Shaun has to - well I won't give it away. Not for kids, but mature Christians might enjoy it and not be harmed.

Christian Movie Review of
The Passion of the Christ

Thank you Mel Gibson! It's about time that someone made the gospel more real. Have you read the book about Paul? They should make that a movie. I'm of the ilk that I'd have been happy to watch it in Aramaic without subtitles. Maybe you can do that with the DVD. A heavy and impactful movie. Christian Movie Reviews hopes other Christian movie makers will follow suit and help the MTV generation with the stunted imagination to see the reality of Christ!

Christian Movie Review of
The Bourne Supremacy

I agree, Matt Damon was the perfect choice for this role because he's against type. He's an action hero who seems more real because he's not 7 feet tall and doesn't have 28 inch biceps. Not exactly because we're more worried about him surviving or winning, but because he makes it clear that brains and the superior training of the U.S. military and intelligence groups are what makes Bourne so good. Instead of saying that Bourne was 'born' like this, he was made, grown, trained like this. Of course, the project that made him was misguided, but the point is good. Now, to the Christian movie reviews moral issues - the sticking point for Christians in the real world is this: do we protect the innocent from tyrants? Do we stop evil people on earth? Is that Biblical? I mean is it New Testament? Answering that is beyond the scope of this review, but examining those questions with your Bible and concordance in hand will serve you well.


Brian Carter, founder of Pulse Media International, is a Christian, a husband, and he and his wife love movies!


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