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Create Site Web Page Tools:
Everything you need to
create your own web site

by Brian Benjamin Carter, MS, LAc

Brian Carter created in 1999 to promote his services and expertise. Since then, more than 400,000 visitors have read his articles, and he has honed his web design, graphic design, and traffic building skills even further.

I'm not a professional web site designer. But I created this entire 400+ page web site myself, and it's

  • professional enough to impress visitors, and
  • it conveys my services and messages in a personal way

I 'm not a graphic artist, but I learned to use Photoshop well enough to create all the images on this site.

I'm not a web traffic guru, but I can drive thousands of new visitors to my website, whenever I want to!

How do I do all this? Why should you read the rest of this create site web tools article? What am I selling, if anything?

Let me assure you that I am an outsider - I don't create other people's web sites for money. So, I'm not going to lie to you about this topic to get your business. I just want more people to know about my alternative health book and services. But I'm going to tell you what I've learned about creating site web pages so you can do it yourself for as little money as possible.

If you want to create a site, you need web tools.

What are web tools? By that I just mean you need a way to create site web pages easily, you need some help with your graphics, and hey, you might even need some tips before that on getting a domain name and hosting. So let's go through these things in order.

Brian Carter's unique, special, unpatented but totally genius create site web process:

It's pretty simple.

  1. Audience and Traffic
  2. Domain Name
  3. Hosting
  4. Create Site Web Pages
  5. Create site web pages specifically to increase web traffic

Choosing a domain name is the first create site web step, but first you must know your audience! Now, you'll see that I've put getting traffic to your web site way down at the bottom, but before you even choose your domain name, before you start to create your web site, you need to think about what kind of content you're going to provide, and what the people you want to reach are typing into their search engines.

Create Site Web Process, Step One:
Know Your Audience

This step is key. If you get it wrong, forget about getting any traffic, no matter how beautiful your web site is. Or expect to pay for your traffic instead of getting paid for it. You'll see that underneath all my create site web steps is the assumption that you want your messages to reach your audience and you want to save money and make money.

This step also applies even if you aren't getting your own domain- You might use free hosting like Geocities, or a free blog service like Blogger and create site web pages with them. You're still going to have to choose headers, and the search engines care what's in them. I originally created this site on Geocities, and moved it when I got serious. Oh, and by the way, I didn't know all this back then, which is why my web site is named I didn't get it. I was trying to tell you what my web site was instead of reflecting back to you that I was what you were looking for. The latter is much more reassuring to a web surfer.

So here's what I suggest you do before anything else. Read my increase traffic web strategies page, and find about 30 valuable keyword phrases on the topics you plan to write about. Then see if there are any common words- for example, I write about alternative medicine and acupuncture, so I should have used those words in my web site domain name. This is because you'll score higher on search engines if the bots can find keywords in your domain name. Same goes for headers.

You may be thinking- What is this whole create site web process? I just want to create a web site, but I don't want to go through all this brainstorming and research. I don't really even want to write a bunch of pages!

Hey, it's up to you. If you don't care if anyone ever sees your web site, do whatever you want. But if you do... No matter how nice your web site looks, if people can't find it, it might as well not exist. Who cares what you offer, whether you have a shopping cart, etc. if you have no visitors?

Even if you aren't going into business- you still have a message to 'sell'.

If you're just thinking of your web site as a brochure, stop it! It's a sticky spider web in which you can catch new flies 24/7. What's your web site goal? What should it get your visitors to do? What result are you looking for? Try to come up with more than 'calling me'.

Here are some results of traffic-oriented web site design:

  1. Establish your credibility and expertise (feeds into the next one)
  2. Pre-sell your prospects (by the time you get them all you have to do is close the sale)
  3. Get their physical contact info for further marketing
  4. Get them to opt in to an email newsletter in which you further brand yourself, upsell, cross-sell, and promote loyalty and return business.
  5. Find prospects all over the country, all over the world - even if you only do business in English.

Those are just off the top of my head. Maybe you have some others already, or you'll think of them when you begin to grasp what you can do with this create site web process.

Before I go into the next few steps, check out the following info about Site Build It!, which is the simple, easier way to do everything I'm going to tell you how to do.

Everything You Need All in One

This package includes everything- brainstorming and research tools, domain name, hosting, and site submission to get traffic- plus now it has ecommerce, and you can download lots of free advice and how to info, too.
It's a little more expensive than doing it yourself, but much simpler, and if you do it their way (same way I do it), you'll make enough money from ads, etc. to get a return on the investment. A lot of what I know, I learned from this company.
Get The Simple, Easy Way to Succeed With Your Own Website!

Step Two of the Create Site Web Process:
Your Domain Name

Next up- (and if you're going to use free Geocities, Blogger, or Site Build It! just skip to step Four) - get a domain name. Before you can fix up a nice house (create site web pages), you need to get the property, or address (domain name).

You can get your domain name from the same place that will host your web site, and that can be simpler... but you don't have to. Regardless, you have to find out which site names are available, so I like to use Nameboy - you can type in a few words and they'll combine them into web site names (and suggest others) for you and tell you which ones are available.

In choosing the name, you have to decide whether you want to use hyphens, which can make a multiple word web site name more readable, and may make search engines more likely to see the keywords in the name, but which are harder to convey in words. So think about whether you plan to get traffic online from search engines only, or if you plan to be on radio and TV having to spell the name out all the time.

And if you can afford it, you might want to create site web pages under the domain name the search engines will like, and buy another domain that's easy to say, then set the easy one to jump over to the other one (that's called a redirect). You won't even need to get hosting for the web site you redirect.

Remember, you needn't buy your domain from Nameboy - you could buy it from a host like Irides if you use them.

Create Site Web Process, Step Three:

Your domain name is like your address. You still need a house to create site web pages in. The house in this analogy is your hosting. Your pages will be 'hosted' in a protected portion of one of the host's web servers (computers). These servers are always hooked up to the internet, and you use your passwords to access your files.

There are lots of hosting options- some very, very cheap. They offer different features, levels of customer services, various programming languages or software... e.g. to play real audio clips or to have database-dependent pages (PHP or Cold Fusion), your host must have specific software running. Compare web hosts.

But if you just want to create site web like this one, you don't need all that. And you don't need to worry about bandwidth until your web site is really popular... and you can always change hosts. The only tip I'd give you is that if you get really, really cheap hosting and something goes wrong, don't expect any customer service! And that can really suck.

Here are two hosts I've gone with for years that I like are, and Web Hosting Etc.

Create Site Web Process, Step Four:
Create Site Web Pages

Ok, the nitty gritty. Here's where you get creative, put a face on your business, create your own virtual empire, whatever. The main issue is: how can you do it quick and easy and make it look good? I mean, most of you won't want to learn how to use HTML tags like <table>, <tr>, and <embed>... am I right?

So you need a WYSIWYG (wizzy wig, or what you see is what you get) web editor. MS Frontpage and Dreamweaver are two popular ones. I use the latter. But these are still a bit complicated. It's much easier to use the web interface tools of or Site Build It! Of those two, Site Build It! provides more flexibility, which you'll need to assure yourself of high traffic levels.

Create Web Site Page Programs:

If you get one of those, they have plenty of support info for you to read about creating web site pages. But if just looking at them seems too complex for you, you're probably a candidate for one of the easier solutions.

Let me put it this way- here's a list of the options from easiest to hardest:

  1. Blogger - but can't use <meta> tags so you'll lose some traffic
  2. Geocities also has web page building tools, but you don't have your own domain with the free option
  3. Site Build It! - all in one, great company, web based page creation
  4. Get your own domain, hosting, and use a WYSIWYG editor.

Well that's enough for you to chew on. If you have comments or questions, use our feedback form. I am going to do some teleseminars on web page creation, traffic building, and money making online... if you're interested, check them out!

More of my web design pages:

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