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Download TV Commercials: Laugh, Learn, and Enjoy Advertising Culture

If you don’t mind laughing until you’re crying, try this bad mood buster on for size: Download TV commercials – preferably some old ones -- and just try not to laugh!




Download TV Commercials

by Dr. John Luton

Looking for a great advertising project? Download TV commercials and make them a part of your presentation. You’ll have a lot of fun and you just might learn something too!

Would you like to be able to download TV commercials for a school project? Maybe you’re taking an advertising course and you need to see those old TV commercials that your teacher keeps talking about ad nauseam. Well, you’ve come to the right place to find some oldies-but-goodies in the way of downloadable TV commercials.

For a variety of benefits, why not download TV commercials!

You see, I’m a mass communication teacher too. Just follow my lead, and you’ll find some of the most famous TV commercials of all time. You can use these to dazzle that teacher and get a really high grade in advertising. And, perhaps more importantly, by checking out some these spots, you’ll be learning a lot about how advertisements are put together for the medium of television. While some of these advertising strategies have changed a little through the years, you’ll discover some of the basics that are still alive and well.

Download TV commercials to learn the basics of advertising.

I really don’t know of a better way to learn advertising than by looking at old television commercials. Some of those old spots perfectly illustrate time-tested principles of advertising such as getting the buyer’s attention or sharing your unique selling proposition. Other commercials – well, let’s just say they don’t really make the grade. But you can learn great lessons, even from a bad commercial. Download TV commercials that are lousy in order to learn what not to do in a spot.

Download TV commercials to chronicle the evolution of advertising strategy.

Have you ever heard that old saying, “Times change, but people don’t?” Well, it’s not true – at least not completely. People do change in the way they think over time. They also experience changes in their attitudes and buying habits. Creators of great television commercials understand this as well as anyone. The kind of spot that would provide a potential buyer with rib-splitting humor years ago will now be ridiculed for its superficial approach. So, a great way to chart the changes in ad strategies over the years is to download TV commercials from different decades and compare approaches. This activity can be very informative.

Download TV commercials to get some great laughs.

Do you want to split your ribs laughing? Then you can download TV commercials and get ready. Some of the best classes I’ve ever taught focused on viewing old television commercials. Some of them truly are hilarious! Many have even become my all time favorites.

If you don’t mind laughing until you’re crying, try this bad mood buster on for size: Download TV commercials – preferably some old ones -- and just try not to laugh! This burns away the blahs better than anything I know.

Try it and see for yourself!

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