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If you're going to hire a San Diego web design firm, make sure you ask the ones you're considering what their clients' results have been - in dollars and sense terms.

























Brian Carter, acupuncturist, herbalist, and author

Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc
Web Site Design,

San Diego Web Design Firm:
What you should expect from one
by Brian Benjamin Carter, MS, LAc

Brian Carter created in 1999 to promote his services and expertise as an acupuncturist. Now he runs Pulse Media International full time, employs 18 writers. now receives more than 15,000 views per day and is in the top 100,000 of all sites on the web.

I'm not a web designer. But I designed this entire 1,100+ page website myself, and it's

  • professional enough to impress visitors, and
  • it conveys my services and messages in a personal way

I 'm not a graphic artist, but I learned to use Photoshop well enough to create all the images on this site.

I'm not a web traffic guru, and I don't have a San Diego Web Design Firm, but I can drive thousands of new visitors to my website, whenever I want to!

How do I do all this? Why should you read the rest of this article? What am I selling, if anything?

Let me assure you that I am an outsider - I don't do web design for other companies . So, I'm not going to lie to you to get your business. I'm going to tell you what I've learned about web design firms so you can do more for your business with less.

You came here looking for a San Diego Web Design Firm, but you may need more than that.

Maybe you just want a web designer. That's not enough. Most web designers won't help your business much. You can hire a San Diego Web Design Firm to keep you from being embarassed that you don't have a website, but you could do much better than that.

First off, the reason you found my page is because it scored high on (or perhaps one of a few other search engines). Don't you think it's weird that an acupuncturist's page scores higher than the web sites of San Diego web design firms?

No matter how nice your web site looks, no matter who your web site design firm has created web sites for, if your clients can't find it, it might as well not exist. Who cares what you offer, whether you have a shopping cart, etc. if you have no visitors? Point is: getting traffic is more important than having a website, and your website has to be designed to get traffic.

If you're just thinking of your web site as a brochure, stop that! It should be a sticky spider web that catches you flies 24/7. What's your web site goal? What should it get your visitors to do? What result are you looking for? Try to come up with more than 'calling my phone number'.

Here are some results of traffic-oriented web site design- results you should demand from a San Diego Web Design Firm:

  1. Establish your credibility and expertise (feeds into the next one)
  2. Pre-sell your prospects (by the time you get them all you have to do is close the sale)
  3. Get their physical contact info for further marketing
  4. Get them to opt in to an email newsletter in which you further brand yourself, upsell, cross-sell, and promote loyalty and return business.
  5. Find prospects all over the country, all over the world - even if you only do business in English - think of products and services you can offer people who aren't local to you.

Those are just off the top of my head. Maybe you have some others already, or you'll think of them when you begin to grasp what the web can do.

So what am I suggesting you do?


  1. If you're going to hire a San Diego web design firm, make sure you ask the ones you're considering what their results are. After all, your web site is a marketing tool, and all marketing efforts should at least break even, if not achieve a certain profit level. So ask each San Diego web design firm about their past projects: What key words and key phrases did they try to dominate? What were the prospects of those companies actually typing in to search engines? Did those prospects find the web site? What amounts of traffic are there clients getting?
  2. If you yourself can't do HTML and graphic design, and you can't find an affordable web designer who thinks about traffic results, you have a couple of options: Start a blog, which is easy, hip, and Google scores them higher than websites. Or, get Site Build It from, which automates the entire process of building web sites and getting traffic via their own programs and a web-based interface.

Well that's enough for you to chew on.

All the best!


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