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Dell Dimension 8200

If you are financially able, I would suggest getting the 8200. It’s one of the premier home computers on the market.






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Dell Dimension 8200

by Patrick Austin

I’ve been reviewing a number of Dell Laptops recently. I’d like to change gears and review one of Dell’s home computer systems, specifically the Dell Dimension 8200. This is one of the best home computers available. That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it’s a Dell system. Dell has earned a reputation for producing superb home computers.

The Dell Dimension 8200 is equipped for productivity. The system comes with Microsoft Office XP Small Business, so this would be the perfect computer for someone starting a business or working from their home. It also comes standard with a 7,200-rpm drive and a 80GB hard drive.

The nineteen-inch Trinitron monitor gives the Dell Dimension 8200 a wonderful display. You might prefer to watch your DVD movies on this computer rather than your home television. The picture is so clear and defined; you might think it’s equipped with HD technology.

Complementing the monitor is a terrific sound system. The Dell Dimension 8200 uses the SB Live Values sound solution, but couples it with the Harmon Kardon 695 system. This creates an innovative and breathtaking sound that will have you exclusively using the 8200 for your musical enjoyment.

Interested in making movies? Then the Dell Dimension 8200 is for you. It comes with the Philips DVD+RW home recording system. This allows you to create your own films, and you can refine the footage with the Cyber Link Power-DVD video editing software that comes with it. And in the 8200, you’ll have plenty of room for storing movies, music, or other files without worrying about overloading your system.

If you’re new to the computer scene and have just purchased a Dell Dimension 8200, feel at ease about setting the system up. Dell provides an informative guide that includes a helpful setup poster and helpful tips to get your 8200 going quickly; the guide is filled with illustrations and detailed sections on troubleshooting and upgrading the system. Dell also provides a help line so you can speak to someone if you need help with the setup. That help line also comes in handy if you ever have any computer troubles, like a virus or lost data.

The cost of a Dell Dimension 8200 is over three thousand dollars. That’s not cheap…to say the least. Of course, if you are financially able, I would suggest getting the 8200. It’s one of the premier home computers on the market. If you need a quality computer for your home business, then the 8200 is definitely something you should consider getting.


Mr. Austin is a freelance journalist for Pulse MEDIA International. He also covers sports and health for a number of web sites including RealGM.com, Hoopsworld.com, and Fanstop.com, and entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine.

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