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Inspiron 5000e

Most of the Dell Inspiron 5000e models come with 128MB of memory and a 30GB hard drive.


Dell Inspiron 5000e

by Trish Williams

Dell Inspiron 5000e: Is it Still a Great Notebook Computer?

When doing your research into which type of used notebook you might want to purchase, be sure not to overlook the Dell Inspiron 5000e. How can you overlook this beauty, you ask? Well, despite how great it might be, it does have issues.

In 2001, Dell recalled over four million AC adapters due to the fact that the adapters could spark a fire. Some suggested that Dell was compromising quality and using cheaper parts. Computing News reports, “The adapters were manufactured in China and sold separately for $30 and $70. The recalled adapters were used primarily with Dell Latitude, Precision and Inspiron notebook personal computers.”

The Dell Inspiron 5000e came out back in the year 2000 and it was rated as a top end model in the Inspiron line of notebooks. The unit is light-weight and comes with the following standard features: 8x DVD-Rom drive and software for decoding MPEG-2 DVD movies. It also has an output for displaying movies on your television. The display screen is 15.0 inches and provides a very clear picture.

Games and Hardware magazine had this to say about this notebook, “The large screen size and high pixel density deliver an increased viewing area to display more content with higher resolution and less scrolling. The notebook also includes a floppy disk drive, making it a three-spindle design. The keyboard has a large wrist-rest area, with a touch pad cursor-control device in the middle. Documentation is thorough, and setup is a snap. One puzzling omission is the lack of an Ethernet port; it should be standard on a desktop challenger such as this.” To read the rest of the review, go here

Most of the Dell Inspiron 5000e models come with 128MB of memory and a 30GB hard drive. The system also comes with Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional on it and at the time, it also came with a decent service warranty.

The new Dell Inspiron models provide more features than the Dell Inspiron 5000e models and are less expensive than the Inspiron 5000e models were a few years ago.

Some of the other Dell models include the Inspiron XPS Ultimate Gaming Notebook that Dell describes as a, “Portable gaming notebook that combines desktop processor performance with the latest video graphics in a stunning unique style.”

There’s also the Inspiron 9200 Multi-Media Powerhouse model described as, “A high-end notebook that combines Pentium® M processor performance with tons of connectivity for all of your multimedia needs and a 17" wide screen.”

There’s the Inspiron 8600 Power on the Go, described as, “A notebook with a 15.4" Widescreen with optional Centrino Mobile Technology provides unparalleled mobile performance.” All of these are under $1200.

Used models of the Dell Inspiron 5000e can be purchased all over the Internet. Also, you might check a used computer store in your city, as well as ads in local and national computer magazines and newspapers. Remember too, if you plan to purchase this model of notebook, be sure to purchase a good adapter and not the adapter that was recalled!


Trish "Ariala" Williams is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who has published numerous articles in magazines and newspapers across the country. She also works on web design, web content, graphics, promotions and copywriting.

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