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Dell Docking Station: Turns a Laptop into a Desktop!

The Dell docking station lets you set your laptop of up with a desktop situation, with a full size keyboard and more.







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Dell Docking Station

by Richard Hill, Ph.D.

I am a daily writer who’s used a computer since 1985. Basically, I’m just happy as can be with my laptop and Dell docking station and I want to spread the good news. The transcript below is excerpted from an actual conversation with a friend.

Hey, Rick, I’m shopping for a new computer and trying to decide whether to get a desktop or laptop, and---

Want the short answer? Laptop with Dell docking station. Next question.

Yeah, but laptops have those dumb eraser or finger-painter mouses

You can also plug a regular mouse into your Dell docking station. Really, it’s just like having a desktop and a laptop, only you don’t have to buy two CPUs.

But aren’t the screens on laptops smaller than desktop monitors?

Sure. But if you must have a 21-inch monitor, you can plug that into the Dell docking station, too. I thought I would have to get a desktop monitor for my docking station, but I found that the Dell laptop screens are just as big as desktop screens were a couple years ago, plenty big for writing. So I didn’t bother getting one. I do have my deluxe ergonomic keyboard, speakers, printer, and full-featured mouse plugged into my Dell docking station, though.

But I just can’t get comfortable typing with those cramped little laptop keyboards---

You’re not listening. The Dell docking station lets you set up a desktop situation, with a full size keyboard and more. Stereo speakers, printer, backup, peripherals---everything plugs into the Dell docking station. The laptop clicks in easily, too. Push the release button on the back of the Dell docking station and you can rush to the airport with your laptop without unplugging anything.

Okay, but I work equally between home and office and don’t travel all that much. Shouldn’t I just get two low-end desktops?

Getting two Dell docking stations makes more sense. Get a basic mouse, keyboard, and speakers for each, and you have the equivalent of two computers, without having to move data back and forth between the units. When you do travel for extended stays, you can pack everything in your briefcase---the docking station is the size of a mini-umbrella and doesn’t weigh anything. Throw in the keyboard, mouse, and mini-headphones and you have a desktop you can carry with you. When I went to Hawaii last summer to work on a writing project, I just put everything in my laptop case and had all the comforts of a desktop without the weight and hassle.

Sounds great, so I bet the Dell docking station is finicky and expensive, right?

Neither. The Dell docking station has nothing to break unless you really work at it, and you can get an Inspiron really cheap nowadays. Check the web for sales. You can even get a refurbished one for less than twenty bucks. Trust me, this is a no-brainer. With a Dell computer and Dell docking station, NO ONE needs a desktop.

Guess I’ll try some of the websites. Hey, are you sure you don’t have stock in Dell?

Not me, I’m a writer. I can’t afford stock. Well, maybe if I sell my old desktop, I can buy a few shares . . .

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