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Free Cingular Ringtone: Let Us Hear Your Style!

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A free Cingular ringtone, or a paid for one, can be a lot of fun.



Free Cingular Ringtone

by Rachel Johnson

Ringtones are all the rage for cell phone companies these days. With all of the new technology, small, fun-looking cell phones are pretty much the standard. The only thing that sets cell phone companies apart now are the cool features that they can offer you at little or no extra cost each month.

Cingular realizes that ringtones give the consumer the ability to infuse their phone with their own personal style. Cingular customers are excited about the opportunity to take advantage of a free Cingular ringtone. Of course, not all ringtones are free Cingular ringtone, some of the ringtones may cost the customer anywhere from fifty cents to two dollars! But, Cingular has been smart and offers some of the ringtones for free.

A free Cingular ringtone, as well as those that are paid for, can be a lot of fun. You can program your phone so when a certain person calls a specific ringtone lets you know that. If you have a song that reminds you of your best friend, you should see if you can get that ringtone and program it so it rings when your friend calls. Ringtones are even easier than caller ID!

Even if the ringtone you are looking for isn’t free, you should grab it anyway! You never know when your favorite ringtone may be replaced by something else and wish you had gotten it! But check out the free Cingular ringtone selection, you may just find something you really like.

The free Cingular ringtone, and even the ones that aren’t free sound awesome! There may even be a ringtone by your favorite artist available because of what is called the polyphonic ringtone. The polyphonic ringtone consists of a tune with multiple tones instead of the old monophonic tunes that don’t sound as cool! Of course, to take advantage of the free Cingular ringtone of the polyphonic variety, you need to be sure your phone supports the polyphonic format. If your phone is a couple years old, chances are that it does not. Check your cell hone manual to be sure.

Don’t be shy about downloading ringtones! They are fun and you can change them to suit your mood, or just a new day! Let the people around you at the bank or grocery store learn a little bit more about your style with a cool ringtone!

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