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Cingular Ring Tone: Style, Sounds, Supertones, and You

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Depending on the style of your Cingular phone, you can download your Cingular ring tone in monophonic, polyphonic, or supertone formats.



Cingular Ring Tone

by Amy Finley

Cingular Ring Tone, Style, and You

Getting a Cingular ring tone really allows people to illustrate a sense of their personal style. Want to show a little bit of your flavor? Get a Cingular ring tone that says it for you. From the hottest, trendiest ringtones to downloading your favorite artists and lyrics that speak to you, you can shout what you’re about with your Cingular ring tone, without saying a word.

Cingular Ring Tone Sounds and Supertones

Cingular ring tone sounds can be found in a wide variety, from celebrity voice messages to funky sound effects to you favorite songs. Song genres and styles are almost unlimited, as there is a huge variety from pop to rock to theme songs to rap and hip hop. New ring tone styles and songs are always becoming available, so if the song or artist you want isn’t listed, it probably will be soon.

Depending on the style of your Cingular phone, you can download your Cingular ring tone in monophonic, polyphonic, or supertone formats. Monophonic is the least full sounding, while supertones are the highest quality. They are real music ring tones -- Cingular has teamed up with top artists to make these great sounding ring tones available for their customers.


If you dig around in cyberspace, you can find legit sites that offer a free Cingular ring tone, or you can buy them for around two bucks for polyphonic Cingular ringtones, or $2.49 fro Cingular supertones.

Payment is easy, generally you can buy with credit card, via paypal, or if you go through Cingular, your Cingular ring tone purchase will just show up on your next wireless bill.

Extra Benefits of a Cingular Ring Tone

Cingular has the global smart messaging system for its ring tones, which means high quality and quick and easy downloading. Another benefit of being a Cingular customer is that you have the very cool ‘send to a buddy’ option when purchasing a Cingular ring tone.

It’s easy to use, and a cool and fun way to give ring tones to your girlfriend, buddies, whoever, and the charge shows up on your next Cingular bill. Just be careful you’re sending the right ring tone to the right person. Your best friend might dig getting an Usher ‘Yeah’ ring tone at 2 am, but somebody else might not.

The Future of Cingular Ring Tones

No one can say for sure what the future of the Cingular ring tone will be, but chances are it will only improve. The current popularity of customizable ring tone features pretty much ensures they’ll be around for a while. New technology and innovation will most likely only expand the scope of ring tones and customizable cell phone features.

Whatever and wherever you get your Cingular ring tone, whether you get a free download or fork over the couple bucks for a supertone, you’re going to make a sound and style statement that’s all your own.

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