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T Mobile Ring Tone: Your Ring, Your Personality

Free ringtones from cingular, verizon, t mobile, nextel, and sprint

With a T Mobile ring tone, you basically get two choices: a great sounding polyphonic ringtone termed a ‘megatune’ by T Mobile, or a Hi Fi ringer (mp3) ringtone…


T Mobile Ring Tone

by Amy Finley

From hip hop and rap to finger snapping show tunes and TV theme songs, T Mobile ring tones are a hot trend in sporting your style. There are dozens of options to choose from in your ring tone downloads, and due to their popularity, many companies are marketing T Mobile ring tones as well.

Types of Ring Tones

With a T Mobile ring tone, you basically get two choices: a great sounding polyphonic ringtone termed a ‘megatune’ by T Mobile, or a Hi Fi ringer (mp3) ringtone that is a real clip of an artists song, with top notch music and vocals.

A megatone T Mobile ring tone will put you out $1.49, and the Hi Fi ringers are a little more at $1.99 if you buy through T mobile. Buying through T Mobile allows you the advantage of easily ordering downloads from your phone, but there are lots of other sites you can get your T mobile ringtone from, too. A T mobile ring tone is only available to those customers who pay per billing cycle, not prepaid customers.

T Mobile Ring Tone Buying Options

T Mobile is not the only avenue for getting your T Mobile ring tone. Dozens of sites offer choices from thousands of artists for your T Mobile ring tone options, too. Some sites advertise free ring tones, and others have nominal costs. Some recommend just paying for the ring tones to get better quality.

Some sites offer ring tone subscriptions, where you pay a certain fee and then either get a certain number or unlimited free T Mobile ring tone downloads per month. This is a great way to save money if you want a lot of downloads or like to change them frequently.

An option for your T Mobile ring tone that’s currently only available to T Mobile and Cingular/AT&T wireless customers is to purchase ring tones from VH1. Numerous top songs are available in addition to great VH1 graphics for your phone.

Compatibility Issues

Most newer phones are compatible for polyphonic ring tones, and many are compatible with receiving mp3 ring tone clips. Most sites offering T Mobile ring tone downloads will either list compatible phone models, or you can simply attempt to download the song to see if its compatible or not. Most places won’t charge you for the download unless it goes through, so you don’t have to worry about paying for a T mobile ring tone you didn’t get.
T Mobile Ring Tone and Theme

When you go to download your next T Mobile ring tone, don’t forget about other customization options like your wallpapers. You can even go with a theme approach to personalize you phone to the fullest extent. Usher fans, for example, could get a hot Usher pic and download ‘My Boo’ to show the world to show their Usher love.

Whatever T Mobile ring tone you choose, you’ll be making an audio style statement that’s all your own.

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