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Free Cingular Ringtone: Audio Accessorizing in the 21st Century

Free ringtones from cingular, verizon, t mobile, nextel, and sprint

What’s great about a free Cingular ringtone is that Cingular has the Global SM standard for downloads – which means that you get better sounding ringtones.



Free Cingular Ringtone

by Amy Finley

Free Cingular Ringtone: Hot Music, Personal Styles

If you’re a Cingular customer, you’re probably psyched about finding a free Cingular ringtone – and you should be. Customizable ringtones are one of the hottest features about cell phones today. What’s great about a free Cingular ringtone is that Cingular has the Global SM standard for downloads – which means that you get better sounding ringtones.

You can get a free Cingular ringtone with just about any type of music. Ringtones allow everyone to personalize and customize his or her phone to match his or her personality – audio accessories, if you will. In addition to hot new music, your ringtones reflect your personal expression and style.

But Are They Really Free?

There are many valid websites available that offer a variety of free Cingular ringtone options. Some sites offer free ringtones, no strings attached, and some sites offer a free Cingular ringtone for registering at their site, even if you don’t buy anything. Many different musical genres are available for your free ringtone --Pop, Rock, R&B, Disco, Techno, Rap, Hip Hop, movie soundtrack tune downloads, and more.

There are also sites that offer to give you a free Cingular ringtone if you get a subscription or buy other ringtones. Some sites also offer unlimited free Cingular ringtone options if you buy their plans.

Send to a Buddy

Want to give a free Cingular ringtone to someone else? With Cingular’s ‘send to a buddy’ feature, you can purchase a ringtone and then have it sent to your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, whoever, and he or she just pays for the minutes to download it.

Free Cingular Ringtone Privacy Concerns

Check a few sites before you decide where to get your free Cingular ringtone from. Some people are concerned with privacy and don’t like putting their phone number in as some sites request, but there are sites where you can get free ringtones without having to enter in personal information.

Monophonic or Polyphonic Ringtone

When looking for a free Cingular ringtone, you can choose monophonic or polyphonic options on your Cingular phone. What’s the dif? Short explanation --polyphonic ringtones sound fuller.

To get a monophonic free Cingular ringtone, you must have text messaging available on your Cingular phone. For a polyphonic ringtone, you need to have Wireless Internet or Wireless Internet Express on your phone.

The Next Level

While most free ringtones sound great, if you want to step up from a polyphonic free Cingular ringtone, you can buy a Supertone – real music clips for $2.49. These are easy to buy, and they’ll just show up on your next Cingular bill. You can also get celebrity voices and sound effects in the Supertones collection to customize your ringtones even more.

Whether you decide to buy a Supertone or go for a free Cingular ringtone, today’s ringtones are hip, fun, and allow you to show your style to the world.

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