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Nextel Ring Tone: The Power of Personality

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Hip, fun, funny, or original, a Nextel ring tone truly gives a peak into the power of your personality, without you even saying a word.


Nextel Ring Tone

by Amy Finley

The introduction of ringtones has allowed a whole new dimension to be played out in people expressing themselves and their personality. You can choose your Nextel ring tone to show every side of you. Hip, fun, funny, or original, a Nextel ring tone truly gives a peak into the power of your personality, without you even saying a word.

The wide range of Nextel ring tone options available also allow you to match your ‘audio accessories’ to whatever you’re doing – you can download something loud and funky for the weekend, and another Nextel ring tone for Monday morning at the office.

Nextel Ring Tone Phone Capability

The kind of Nextel Ring Tone you can get generally depends on the style of phone you have. Nextel and most websites offering Nextel ring tones will specify the phone model you need for a certain type of ring tone. A Nextel ring tone can be downloaded in MIDI (smaller file) for great sounding polyphonic ringbones or a WAV (larger, high quality file) for voice, music, and more.


Some sites advertise a free Nextel ring tone, or you can get them under two bucks from Nextel or many other online retailers. You can order your ringtones via Internet, text messaging, or call and have them downloaded. Payment is generally by credit card, but no refunds once you’ve downloaded your Nextel ring tone. Many times you can listen to the ring tone or a portion of it before you decide to buy and make sure it’s what you want.

Nextel Ring Tone Software?

Some sites advertise software, that along with a data cable, gives not only Nextel ring tone options, but games as well. The advertisers claim that the software allows you to upload mp3 files for better sounding ring tones on your Nextel phone. In addition, you are supposed to receive links to high quality free Nextel ring tone options.

Hot Nextel Ring Tone Downloads

You can get your Nextel ring tone from a huge variety of musical styles and genres, from classic rock, pop, and country, to TV and movie soundtracks to hip hop, rap, and R&B. What are some of the most popular Nextel ring tone choices? Usher, Eminem, Nelly, Fat Joe, Fabolous, 50 Cent, Ludacris, and Jay-Z are some of the hottest artists being downloaded.

Most sites update their databases with new Nextel ring tone options frequently, some even on a daily basis, so you may want to check back often to look for the hottest new Nextel ringtones for your phone.

Nextel Ring Tone Gift Idea

For a unique (and cheap) gift idea, get a hold of your girlfriend or boyfriend’s phone and get a new Nextel ring tone for him or her. This can be something sweet and romantic, or something fun and special, maybe even ‘your’ song, if you have one. You’ll put on a smile on his or her face with out even being there.

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