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Free Nextel Ringtone: Having Trouble Downloading One?

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You are unable to download the free ringtones! What the heck?! What about the free Nextel ringtone?!



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Free Nextel Ringtone?

by Rachel Johnson

Is there a free Nextel ringtone?!

So, you’ve been getting email, spam, and pop-ups all advertising free ringtones by your favorite artists, right? So, you pick up your Nextel cell phone and expect to get that hot new ringtone all your friends have been talking about. And…nothing. You are unable to download the free ringtones! What the heck?! What about the free Nextel ringtone?!

Well, only the most recent models Nextel phones manufactured by Motorola accept ringtones via wireless Internet connection. For some reason the phones do not accept the downloads, it probably has something to do with the phones ringtone format not being as generic as many of the other phones. Because the phone does not recognize the ringtone format, it simply will not play. Again, what about the free Nextel ringtone?!

If you notice, most of the sites that advertise the free ringtones do not mention a free Nextel ringtone. Nextel isn’t mentioned because it’s widely known by these companies that Nextel just isn’t compatible with their ringtone format. Luckily, for new Nextel cell phone customers there is probably a free Nextel ringtone available to them, since Motorola has accepted the ringtone format in the past. If you have one of the newer phones, download that free Nextel ringtone and be happy!


If your phone doesn’t accept the free Nextel ringtone download there really isn’t much you can do. There is nothing that can be done to the phone to make it accept the ringtone. You can try to complain to the retailer that you bought it from that it does not have the flexibility you were promised, but it probably won’t do any good. If you have a trade-up plan with your cell phone, where you can trade it toward the value of a newer phone, you may want to try that. With a newer model the free Nextel ringtone just may work!

The only way to know if your phone will accept the free Nextel ringtone is to attempt to download it. If you aren’t sure how to download it into the phone, most of the websites that offer the free Nextel ringtone can walk you through the process. Or, consult your cell phone manual as it may have some instructions specific to your model.

Ringtones are a great way to introduce a bit of your own style and personality into your cell phone, and you should have the option to get a free Nextel ringtone if you want one. Hopefully in the future you won’t have to pay two bucks for every ringtone you want; they’ll all be free! Now that would be awesome!

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