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Hey, nobody minds free stuff, except for that annoying free stuff that's not worth anything. Well, I promise that even though this stuff is free, it still has value.

Otherwise, enjoy, pass it on, tell others! And check back here, because I'll add something new every week or so.


















Free Download Stuff

Free Backgrounds for your desktop

Put these funny and educational pictures on your desktop- Just click on the thumbnail to see the big version, then right click on the big version of the photo and choose 'Set as Background'. Then minimize all your windows and check it out! Note: some people have their desktops set at smaller or bigger sizes- if you don't know yours, and the photo comes out weird, try the other size.

Put David Letterman, Brian Carter, and his funny Top 10 Ways to Mess Up Your Emotions on your desktop!

Get the 1024 pixel size, or the 800 pixel size
Here's the original Mess Up Your Emotions article.

Put Robert Deniro and the Top 10 Ways to Live Life More Dangerously on your desktop!

Get the 1024 or the 800 pixel.
Here's where you'll find the Top 10 dangerous ways...

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