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Free Weight Loss

All of these tips are simple and effective, but…they require you to be disciplined and work hard. So if you’re ready, here are some free weight loss tips.

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Free Weight Loss

by Patrick Austin

Looking for some free weight loss advice?

If so, you should definitely read this article. It has a bunch of helpful free weight loss advice that will help you achieve your fat loss needs. The information provided won’t promise you some magic pill that will shed those pounds in a weekend. All of these tips are simple, effective, but…they require you to be disciplined and work hard. So if you’re ready, here are some free weight loss tips:

The Truth Behind Weight Loss

It’s very simple--to lose weight, you just have to burn more calories each day than you take in. That’s it. There’s no magic behind it. That’s the simple truth.

Make a Commitment to Losing Weight

This is the first free weight loss tip. Making a firm commitment to your weight loss goals is the critical first step toward successful weight loss. You need to take advantage of the interest you have in becoming healthy and do something about it.

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

This is the second free weight loss tip. Losing one pound a week - and keeping it off - with sensible eating and exercise is probably the most sensible goal. Dropping fifty pounds eight weeks isn't. One way to figure out how many calories you can eat and still lose weight is to keep a food diary for a week and figure out how many calories you're consuming now. Then create a food plan that reduces that number of calories by about five hundred.

As long as you're also exercising, you'll lose about one to two pounds a week - the maximum you should lose for a week. Fast weight-loss programs actually make it more difficult to lose weight because they slow your metabolism.

Successful Weight Loss Requires Physical Activity

This is the third free weight loss tip. Exercising not only burns calories and compensates for the slower metabolism that comes with eating less, but it makes you healthier. A daily stroll is a great first-step. Then, try swimming, dancing, jogging, or anything that gets you going. Or just make small changes in your daily routine, like taking the stairs when you can instead of the lift.

Successful Weight Loss Requires Good Diet Nutrition

This is the fourth free weight loss tip. Eating well makes it easier to lose weight because you'll feel better, and you'll have more energy to stay active. Ideally, your daily intake of calories will break down to something like this: forty percent from protein, thirty percent from carbohydrates and thirty percent from fat.

Track Your Progress

This is the fifth free weight loss tip. Studies show that people who lose weight successfully track their progress. That's inch-loss and fat-loss as well as weight loss. Writing it down keeps you from fooling yourself about how much you're eating and exercising. And watching those numbers drop on the scale can be extremely motivating.

Weight Loss and "Cheat Days"

This is the sixth free weight loss tip. All dieters should have a “cheat day” every once in awhile. You shouldn’t try to be perfect all the time. But what you should do is schedule a “cheat day” so you know when it will occur. This is a better approach rather than just giving into temptation on a random occasion. If you do that, everyday will become a “cheat day”.

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Mr. Austin is a freelance journalist for Pulse MEDIA International. He also covers sports and health for a number of web sites including RealGM.com, Hoopsworld.com, and Fanstop.com, and entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine.

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