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Switzerland Airfare: Save More to Spend on Skiing!

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Switzerland airfare deals are as close as the Alps may now seem in your mind's eye.


Switzerland Airfare

by Amara Rose

If you're planning a trip to Switzerland, airfare may not be your top priority. You're probably dreaming of shussing the slopes in St. Moritz, or perhaps gathering at a chalet in Gstaad après-ski. And, especially if it's your first European vacation, you'll be making plans to nip down to Italy or over to France and the U.K., so you can see more of the sights you've marveled at online for so long. You may even decide to take a Europe Walking Tour.

Deals on Switzerland Airfare Abound for the Intrepid Flight Researcher

But there is the little matter of the plane trip across the Atlantic, first. Of course, if you're based in a country that's geographically close to Switzerland, airfare may not even be a consideration. You might be able to drive or ride Eurail to your destination. People coming from afar, however, are mapping out their visit with a 747 in mind.

Fortunately, while Switzerland may be famous (or infamous) for its Swiss bank accounts, it also offers affordable travel specials. Switzerland airfare deals are as close as the Alps may now seem in your mind's eye.

If You Can Travel to Switzerland Off Season, You'll Save On Airfare

First, consider when you want to travel. As with any incentive program, online discount ticket brokers and traditional travel agents will be able to offer you Switzerland airfare below the regular price—if you can be flexible with your travel timing. There are usually mid-week airfare discounts, as well as off-peak seasonal specials.

You may even find great package deals on hotel, meals and car rentals if you pick a less popular time to visit Switzerland. Airfare will generally be highest when the snowpack is best, but maybe skiing isn't a top priority for you.

Switzerland Is Famous for Chocolate, Clockworks, and Heidi, Child of the Alps

After all, you're about to visit a country as famous for its picture-perfect streets, precision watchmaking and fine chocolate as for the skiing. And while we don't typically think of Switzerland as a bastion of world literature, the beloved children's story Heidi, a tale of a little girl from the Swiss Alps, remains as inspiring to children the world over today as when it was published, near the close of the 19th century.

You Can Buy Great Intra-Continental Airfares From Switzerland

Finally, when you're ready to explore beyond Switzerland, you can look forward to finding intra-continental travel deals. Switzerland airfare discounts to surrounding countries not only mean more personal spending money in your pocket. You also get to enjoy legendary Swiss reliability and hospitality, along with the chocolate, of course. Pack an extra travel toothbrush!

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