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Wholesale Costume Jewelry: A Trend That's Not Sweeping the Nation

Admit it—you won’t be satisfied until every man, woman and child is wearing at least one piece of wholesale costume jewelry every day and night of their lives. After all, it must be possible to sleep with a toe ring on.





Wholesale Costume Jewelry

by Bob Ellal

Wholesale Costume Jewelry—For Men?

You first fell deeply in love with costume jewelry on your wedding day. It was all Auntie Colette’s doing. There she was, draped across a bar stool, a rhinestone tiara with a fake emerald glaring out of it like the Cyclop’s eye in her coiffed hair, matching verdant earrings, and long ivory opera gloves which were not such a bad contrast with the forest green of her low-cut wedding dress.

What sealed the deal was this: Across the bar her right arm dangled holding a snifter of equally green DeKyper Crème de Menthe (after all, it was open bar) and on her ring finger over the glove was a piece of cut green glass the size of a walnut. This all-out assault on your senses impressed you with the power of wholesale costume jewelry, and you’ve never forgotten it. You’ve been hooked ever since.

You’ve even taken to proselytizing to men about the possibilities. You have parties for women and their significant others, touting the benefits to men of rim necklaces, rope chains, bracelets (that was a hard sell—what self-respecting man can punch someone’s head in with the distraction of a bracelet on his wrist?) and crystal rings (you told them laser beams would come out of the crystals to immolate their enemies).

The next step is a large one but your confidence is high: anklets and toe rings. Yes, it smacks of peace and love and tie-dyed shirts and The Bryds Turn, Turn, Turn’s insipid sentiments—when most men would rather be swilling a XXX 40 ounce and blasting Black Sabbath’s Hand of Doom. But you are a convert to the power of wholesale costume jewelry.

That you are a true believer having been established, here are some purveyors of wholesale costume jewelry that you may wish to check out:

  • Jewelry Impressions—carries various lines from different manufacturers; must meet minimum order requirements as with most wholesalers. Proud that their product has a base of solid brass or sterling silver, not cheap metal or plastic that will break or lose its finish. Solid wholesale costume jewelry.
  • Accessory Wholesale Inc—fashion jewelry, tiaras, rhinestone, bridal jewelry, and other wholesale costume jewelry.
  • Costume Jewelry Wholesale—a huge variety of wholesale costume jewelry at discounts of 35% to 70%. Open to the public.
  • Costume Jewelry House—Located in New Delhi, India. Builds on India’s reputation as a supplier of costume jewelry made up of glass beads and semi-precious stones since antiquity.
  • Arty Jewelry—Bracelets, earrings, necklace sets, rings, anklets, brooches/pins, waist belts with a modern twist. Interesting take on wholesale costume jewelry.
  • Silver Source—specializing in wholesale costume jewelry with a sterling silver base. Good customer reviews.

Admit it—you won’t be satisfied until every man, woman and child is wearing at least one piece of wholesale costume jewelry every day and night of their lives. After all, it must be possible to sleep with a toe ring on.


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