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Discount Hotel York

"Whether you go alone or in a group with your discount hotel, York is a fascinating and historical city to visit, with tons of interesting tourist spots."





Discount Hotel York

by Trish Williams

Do you want to travel to York, England? Have you put in your searches online for “Discount hotel York” and found all kinds of great selections on discount hotels, but are still unsure where to stay?

The York Tourism Bureau puts it well “York offers a wide range of quality accommodation to suit all tastes, from friendly budget priced bed and breakfasts to luxurious country house hotels and comfy country cottages.” It’s true, in York you’re bound to find all types of discount hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s, Youth Hostels, apartments, holiday cottages, chalets, lodges and camping and caravan sites.

For many tourists, once settled in a particular type of lodging, like a discount hotel, York can offer many options. It’s common to feel a bit confused as to whether to take group tours of the city, or whether to go it alone. Those on a budget might ask, “Will it be too expensive to take a group tour?” Your hotel or place of accommodation will have information on costs and packages. Whether you go alone or in a group with your discount hotel, York is a fascinating and historical city to visit, with tons of interesting tourist spots.

The unique attractions in York are what win the hearts of travelers year after year. From fun shops and delicious restaurants, to the festivals and natural scenery, York can be a great getaway. Just minutes from your cozy discount hotel, York offers the best in amusement, entertainment, and memories galore!

York has its share of expensive, tourist areas as well as places to find bargains and souvenirs. If you’ve found a great discount hotel, York will also provide with other bargains and savings.


Minutes from most discount hotel and lodging areas is Jorkvik. “ Organized by the famous Viking centre, the Festival is longer than ever before and includes two weeks of spectacular events, set to attract hundreds of fearsome warriors, traders, craftspeople and families from all over the UK and Europe. New for 2005 is a children's festival, taking place over the first weekend with 'How to be a Viking' workshops, mini archaeology, living history and fun battle tactic sessions – set to entertain the whole family,” reports the York Tourism Bureau.

Yorkshire Museums and Gardens

Roaming museums in a new city can be an enlightening adventure. York has its share. Tourists can “Walk in the footsteps of Romans and discover a land pillaged by Vikings. See beasts turned to stone from a time when dinosaurs ruled the planet. Discover the jewels of Kings and the spoils of war. Welcome to the Yorkshire Museum & Gardens, one of England's first and finest,” say the York Tourism Bureau.

Stanley House

Located not far from most of the discount hotels, York can be an interesting place to find old architecture, Stanley House. It is situated only ten minutes (walking distance) from the York Minister and the city centre. This fascinating old structure is a sight to behold.

York can be quite a pleasurable destination for the motivated traveler with a good camera and journal. Site-seeing along the centre, and dining in one of the many cafes are certainly enjoyable pastimes. As with finding any good deals, plan early to find savings. Whether it’s finding a specialized gift or a discount hotel, York is the perfect place for both. Bon voyage!

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