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A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.

- Eleanor Roosevelt
(1884 - 1962)

A beautiful woman can turn heads but real glamour has a deeper pull... Glamour [is] the power to rearrange people's emotions, which, in effect, is the power to control one's environment.

- Arthur Miller (1915 - 2005)



About All Things Woman

  • Womans Day - Womans Day is a leader in raising women's consciousness about critical health concerns.
  • Cheap Womens Car Insurance - You can find cheap womens car insurance by getting free quotes or estimates from several car insurance companies online and evaluating them to see which one offers the best deal on car insurance.
  • Womens Health Questions
  • Woman of Faith - Who is the first person you think of when you think of a woman of faith? Is it a family member? A friend? Perhaps a woman from the Bible, like Ruth, Esther, or Sarah?
  • Woman Small Business Grants - If you’re a woman, small business grants are a wonderful way to fund a project or business, but first you need to write a cover letter and grant proposal.
  • Woman Small Business Grants II - There are pros and cons associated with both woman small business loans and woman small business grants.
  • Womens Apparel
    • Womens Formal Wear - Catherine Zeta Jones pulled off a grand feat in womens formal wear when she attended the Academy Awards celebration 8 1/2 months pregnant.
    • Semi Formal Dress - One golden rule of the semi formal dress: The semi formal dress goes to the knees or lower, but it does not touch the ground; that would make it a formal dress.
    • Womens Leather Jacket - There's just something about womens leather jackets that calls to us; not only do they keep us warm, but they turn heads.
    • Womens Coats - Lucky for everyone on your list, womens coats in short and long styles are both in, as are those that are mid-length.
    • Plus Size Dress - No matter what your style, if you wear a plus size dress, the Internet is the perfect place for you to look for a dress or an entire new wardrobe.
    • Faux Fur Coats - I have to admit it’s a godsend both to us and to the poor mink that the beady-eyed taxidermy headed look of our grandmothers’ era mink stole is OUT. Now, much to everyone’s relief, faux fur is IN!
    • Womens Athletic Clothing - Womens athletic clothing has a lot to accomplish – functional, hard wearing, practical, stylish, sexy, and versatile.
    • Womens Designer Shoes - For women to inspire brain freeze in guys, they need different outfits, and different outfits require womens designer shoes. Men don't know they're designer shoes, but it's part of the overall impact.
      • Manolo Blahnik Shoes - There’s been a big hype about Manolo Blahnik shoes for a long time running now. In fact, Manolo himself started designing these tasty, strappy little shoes back in the early 1970’s in London.
      • Jimmy Choo Shoes - Jimmy Choo shoes are never overtly fashionable yet are equal in elegance to the designer clothes they are usually worn with.
      • Jimmy Choo Shoes II - Every woman deserves to be and feel beautiful in a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.
      • Womens Designer Shoes II - What is it about womens designer shoes that keeps today’s woman coming back for more? Is it the exquisite detail-rich quality, or is it the bragging-rights luxury label factor?
  • Womens Clothing and Style
    • Hip Hop Clothing, Women, and Style - While stores are bustling to keep up with the latest styles and demands for hip hop clothing, women have choices to find the hottest styles, usually at better prices, by shopping for hip hop clothes deals on the net.
    • Anne Klein Watch - The Anne Klein watch has a feeling of elegance, whether the style of watch is modern or classic.
    • Womens Cowboy Boots - The increasing popularity of womens cowboy boots means that boot manufacturers are competing to create more styles than ever before.
    • Wide Womens Shoes - Now wide women's shoes come in the same array of colors, designs and uncomfortable heel heights as shoes for those itsy-bitsy, slender feet.
    • Womens Adidas Sandal - Womens Adidas sandal styles have something for every woman, from the original blue and white sports slide to the smart and slim new navy Kimja 2.
  • Women, Athletics, and Sports
    • Womens Nike Shoes - Today’s womens Nike shoes offer a variety from which to choose. Many are competitively priced, making it sometimes more difficult to choose!
    • Womens Nike Shox - The people at Nike are all thinking up weird ways to describe womens Nike shox. These running shoes look like they came from some other planet.
    • Womens Puma Shoes - Womens Puma Shoes know what we need, and they give it to us.
    • Womens Puma Shoes II - Whether you’re running at the track, running after your kids, or running around the mall, womens Puma shoes offer the quality you need… in cute styles, too.
    • New Balance Womens Shoes - The racer is wearing New Balance women's shoes, simply the best shoes made for hoofin' it anywhere. She easily takes the title.
    • New Balance Womens Shoes II - New Balance women’s shoes come in a variety of styles and colors that look good - from running and walking shoes to cross-training, tennis, and basketball shoes.
    • Womens Timberland Boot - There maybe a variety in the range of Womens timberland boot that is available but the one thing that is constant is the unimpeachable quality that comes with the Timberland name.
  • Women, Love, and Romance
    • Informal Wedding Dress - Your options tend to be more open with an informal wedding dress. Not only are they usually cheaper, but you can usually custom make your own.
    • Vera Wang Wedding Dress - The essence of traditional wedding dress styles mixed with the modern femininity of your own spirit will tie in well as you select from the Vera Wang wedding dress collection.
    • Romantic Date Idea - Do you find yourself struggling to come up with a new romantic date idea? Have you and your spouse or loved one felt that things need to be spiced up because you're stuck in the comfort zone again?
    • Unusual Romantic Gift Ideas - If you can come up with a unusual romantic gift idea, you will contribute to making that moment memorable. Any you might even get “lucky.”
    • Sexy Halloween Costumes - The sexy Halloween costumes available today are too cute and too hot to not squeeze into several times a year!


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