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Horse Trailer for Sale

If you have a horse trailer for sale, then you might want to think about whether your trailer fits within these guidelines.








Horse Trailer for Sale

by Teddi McDonald

Are you planning to buy a used horse trailer? If so, here are some tips to help you choose the right one. If you have a horse trailer for sale, then you might want to think about whether your trailer fits within these guidelines.

One of the problems with buying a used horse trailer is that you get no warranty and it’s “buyer beware” all the way. You have to do your own inspection of the important elements of the trailer including tires and wheels, coupler, electrical connections and system, and structural elements such as the flooring (especially if it’s wood), and metal floor supports. When you’re looking at a horse trailer for sale, it’s important to find out what the gross vehicle weight rating is in order to be sure that it will hold your horse safely. A very important part of the inspection is to make sure that the coupler is in good condition and to check that it fits your vehicle.

If you think you’ve found the right horse trailer for sale, it pays to buy from someone you trust. Often you can tell by the way a person talks or acts when you meet them if they are trustworthy. Do you use your intuition to make decisions like this? If so, usually your first impression of the seller will be the most accurate.

One of the best ways to protect yourself when you find a horse trailer for sale that you think you want to buy is to have the trailer inspected by a local mechanic for defects in the electrical system, brake pads, axles, wheels and other moving parts of the trailer. Uneven wear on tires may mean there is a serious problem (it could mean axle damage) that you will want to know about before you buy.

Do you see any irregularities in the surface of the walls of the horse trailer for sale? If so, it could mean that the trailer has been in an accident and has been repaired. This can sometimes cause trouble with the alignment of the wheels so that the trailer will never ride correctly, it will tend to pull to one side or the other, which as you know, can be very dangerous. With a heavy trailer, you don't want to be cruising along the freeway and all of a sudden have that trailer start swaying to the point where it might jackknife. That could cause serious damage to you and to your horses even if it doesn't jackknife.

Are you considering buying a horse trailer for sale through the Internet? If so, how can you be sure about what you're getting? Well of course, you would want to visit the people selling the trailer wherever it is and kick the tires a bit, again going through the steps above. Some Web sites have seller reviews, which can be helpful, as long as the Web site showing the reviews is ethical and honest.

Did you know that you can even find a horse trailer for sale on eBay? It's kind of fun to think about but probably not a good idea since buying something as expensive as a horse trailer should be a well thought out decision rather than a frenzied bidding war. It’s always safest to buy the trailer locally so that if there is a problem, you can always go back to the seller. If you use these tips before making your final decision, you’re likely to get a trailer that will satisfy both you and your horse.


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