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Articles by Dr. Lance LaHara and Tiffany LaHara


Lance LaHara writes unique opinion pieces on life topics for Pulse MEDIA International


Dr. Lance LaHara

  • Beverly Hills real estate - Beverly Hills real estate has been, is, and always will be the Holy Grail of the “If you got it, flaunt it” lifestyle. Home to stars, sheiks, and self-made princes, Beverly Hills real estate will shout to the world that you’ve arrived.
  • Breast cancer awareness ribbon - By wearing a breast cancer awareness ribbon, we men not only fulfill our role of helping to protect the women we love, but we join the movement to bring the widespread disease into the light.
  • Buy bedroom furniture - No problem, as it turned out. I could choose from any number of online stores with vast selections, and all had excellent photos, measurements, and other specs for their merchandise.
  • Buy clothes online - But how can you know what you're getting! What if the size is wrong? Don't you have to pay for postage and 'handling' when you buy clothes online?
  • Buy used DVDs - You want to build a DVD collection without going broke, but you're wondering whether it's smart and safe to buy used DVDs. This article will answer your questions and save you money!
  • E Z Go Golf Cart - Not just any golf cart will do. For golf cart technology at its zenith, think E Z Go, golf cart styling at its alpha and omega.
  • Gucci sun glasses - People who can afford Gucci sun glasses know value as well as they know the health benefits of well-crafted sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses, 100% UV protection, and the like.
  • Hip Hop Shoes - So if you’re hip hop and hot to shop, you’ll know the hip hop shoe when you see it, because it looks good on you!
  • Ireland golf vacation - Considering an Ireland golf vacation? Golf in Scotland is historic and scenic, but if the ancient Celtic gods played Heavenly golf, Ireland would have been their course of choice.
  • Live strong bracelet - Most of us know someone with cancer. The Live Strong bracelet says, 'Live strong; I stand with you' to that person, that friend, that family member, to all persons with cancer. In affliction, we all stand together
  • Live strong wristband - Sometimes cancer can seem hopeless, but by wearing the Live Strong wristband, we become part of the solution---another link in the chain of cancer awareness and treatment.
  • Mardi Gras New Orleans 101 - Human nature being what it is, Fat Tuesday gradually stretched itself, and Mardi Gras New Orleans’ season commences in early January, building in intensity till midnight before Ash Wednesday.
  • Orlando discount hotel rooms - Smart shoppers use the internet to find Orlando discount hotel rooms and Florida Patel (or 'Innkeeper') Specials...
  • Reno discount hotels - How much cheaper are the Reno discount hotels? Friends, it's a buyer's market.
  • Scotland golf vacation - If you’re a dedicated golfer who’s downright spiritual about the game, your Mecca is Scotland. Golf vacation in the land where golf began.

Articles by Tiffany LaHara

  • Sexy Halloween Costumes - The sexy Halloween costumes available today are too cute and too hot to not squeeze into several times a year!
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