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Reno Discount Hotels

How much cheaper are the Reno discount hotels? Friends, it's a buyer's market.

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Reno Discount Hotels: Start Your Savings Search Here
by Lance LaHara

Tips for Finding a Quality Reno Discount Hotel

If you're looking for a Reno discount hotel, you're already ahead of the Getaway-for-Gambling-and-More game. Why? Because you've already made a wise choice in choosing Reno over Vegas. Vegas has good hotel deals and plenty of action, but Reno air is cleaner, Reno traffic is less insane, the breaks from gambling are far superior, and the Reno discount hotels are even cheaper.

Reno Discount Hotels: Why You're Booking One Here

Downtown: The atmosphere of Reno is more laid back, more reflective and appreciative of the classic days of Nevada fun than plastic, manic Vegas. Check out the great old-time Nevada downtown scene and the state-of-the-art casinos side-by-side with more classic venues.

Reno Casinos will satisfy the most exacting gambling aficionados (try the Atlantis and Fitzgerald's for starters, but don't forget the CalNeva for modern-amenities and old-fashioned prices). Dining in Reno is also superb---and you won't find old-fashioned ambiance and prices like this in Vegas.

Outskirts: Reno has attractions the hyped-up desert megalopolis to the South can only dream about. Ski resorts, A beautiful wildlife preserve, excellent golf, one of the best car museums in the world, the National Bowling Stadium, the Fleischmann Planetarium on the campus of the University, and more.

And if you're out for romance as well as gambling, you'll find plenty of quaint, quintessential Nevada wedding chapels. I can personally attest that getting married in Reno is a wonderful combination of kitsch and downhome friendliness---and you can take all the photos you want.

Okay, But First Let's Talk Reno Discount Hotels Prices

How much cheaper are the Reno discount hotels? Friends, it's a buyer's market. With a quick web search and a few clicks, you'll find some outstanding deals. If you want to go no-frills, you can websearch and prebook decent downtown digs in the mid-$20s (!) ---definitely a price range of the past if you go to Vegas.

But if you're willing to spend into the $30+ range, you can, for the price of the rattiest room in the worst section of whatever town you're from, get a high-midrange beauty in Reno, even at some of the big name casino-hotels. For $50 plus, you can find discount hotels deals in surroundings you would pay $100-$150 for in most metropolitan areas.

Great, But How Do I Find these Reno Discount Hotels?

1. Book as soon as you know your travel dates.

2. Use the web: you'll get much better deals than anything you see on TV or in newspapers or magazines.

3. With your credit card at the ready, start searching and clicking, but first read this important message:

CAUTION: Don't grab the first great deal you see. As I pointed out before, it's a buyer's market in Reno. Take 20 minutes, search around with different keywords---cheap reno hotel, cheap reno motel, etc. etc.---to find the "mostest for the leastest," as the old Reno silver miners would have put it.

For more info on Reno attractions, try these sites:

Happy Reno Discount Hotel Prospecting!

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Reno Discount Hotels